GW2 Guild Hall Upgrades



I’ll be using this post to inform the community of what upgrades we are currently working on/completed and what we currently need from the guild for contributions. Also this information is also located on the message of the day for the guild in game.

Current Working Upgrade:
Market Restoration 1
Arena Restoration 1
Guild Enhancement: Karma
Guild Enhancement: Experience
Guild Hall Music: City Themes
Guild Hall Swiftness +11%
Mining Rate 1
Ore Synthesizer 1
Guild Enhancement: Critical Harvesting
Lumber Synthesizer 1
Guild Enhancement: Critical Crafting
Mission Slot: WvW
WvW Guild Claiming: Camps

Current Needed Items:
Lots Elder Wood Planks
Lots Ingots
Lots Pile of Flax Seed
Lots Pile of Coarse Sand
Lots Milling Stone
350 Large Claws
100 Quartz CCrystals
230 Glob of Ectoplasm
32 Mystic Crystals
60 Glass Mug (Piles of Coarse Sand)
40 Empty Keg (Flax Seeds)
197 Potential Venom Sacs
200 Seaweed
1 Superior Rune of the Traveler
1 Superior Rune of Speed
50 Mystic Coins
400 Pile of Incandescent Dust
89 Choir Bells
102 Green Wood Plank
250 Soft Wood Plank
20 Ley-Line Infused Tool
38 Silverwaste Shovels
240 Thermocatalytic Reagent
48 Pile of Crystalline Dust
1,000 Carrots
1,000 Potatoes
15 Foxfire Clusters
40 Badge of Tribute
100 Rune of Holding
29 Potion of PvP Reward
30 Ley Line Sparks
2 Celestial Intricate Gossamer Insignia
2 Celestial Orichalcum Imbued Inscriptions
3 18 Slot Silk Bags
3 18 Slot Mithril Boxes
3 18 Slot Thick Leather Pack
5 Trading Post Express
100 Cured Hardened Leather Squares
24 Ancient Wood Planks
2 Orichalcum Ingots
30 Pile of Auric Dust
300 Cured Thick Leather Square
100 Bolt of Silg
30 Alpha Siege Golem Blueprints
50 Intricate Totems
50 Leaf Fossil
200 Copper Ore
179 Iron Ore
55 Bottle of Elonian Wine


  • Aetherium Capacity 1
  • Aetherium Capacity 2
    War Room


I have everything i need to complete the Tavern. Thanks for all the people that helped donate sand with a special call out the @Resademilo. I will be errecting the structure tonight at 8:30pm eastern time if you wish to see it happen.


Next upgrade we will be working on is the Mine which requires the following:

200 Elder Wood Plank
200 Mithril Ingot
50 SIlverwaste Shovels
4 18 Slot Thick Leather Pack


I can cover some of the Mithril


I think I have tons of Elder and Mithril available (might even have a bag since I upgraded to 20-slots recently); I’ll check in a few minutes :wink:


I have 44 silverwaste shovels so that will put us almost there.


If we can get everything we need we might be able to to the tavern and the mine both tonight at 8:30pm eastern.


We now have a merchant. A big thanks for @BigSerg for the gold donation.


Mine is now done. Thanks for everyone help. Special thanks to @W1thl0v3, @Auth, @BigSerg and @esmm40 for doing a guild bounty to get the favor we needed to get the mine going.


Great post. I’m glad we have a concrete way to stay on top of this. :thumbsup:


Currently Working on the Workshop Restoration and the Mine upgrades. See original post for items needed.


First Mine Upgrade, Aetherium Capacity 1, Complete. Continuing to work on the Workshop Restoration.


We now have our workshop in the guild hall which gives us access to the scribing profession and a person bank. Special thanks to @Laoria for donating the leather we needed to finish it up. We have a a lot of new items required and I will be updating the OP with our new needs. This now unlock the ability to get our war room, market place and most importantly our arena.


Updated list of things needed along with current upgrades. The next one we will be finishing is the War Room Restoration 1 which will put us at Guild Rank 8. That will unlock Aetherium Capacity 2 which we will go for next.


The list just gets longer and longer :joy:


Yeah, we finished the Workshop and 3 NPC’s showed up to build different things :wink:


Yeah and after we finished the workshop there was three upgrades for the workshop that became available… jeez…


Just completed the War Room. Now we are focusing on upgrading our Aetherium Capacity II to hold more Aetherium. For those of you that want the arena, we need a material called Potion of PvP Reward that is only obtainable by doing sPvP Dailies. I’ll be working on this daily but would love some help to gather more. New upgrade available and will update the list in a few for the new materials needed.


I’ll be working on it as well. :slight_smile: Go team!


We’ve just completed the Aetherium Capacity 2 which raises our aetherium capacity from 1500 to 3000. This should give us a bit of a buffer before we reach cap now. I’ll be looking at the upgrades available for us and will let y’all know which one we will be working on next.