GW2 Guild Mission



With the release of the expansion the guild missions for the guild have now had an overhaul. We now have more options available to us and as such I’ll be maintaining this post to let the community know what our current guild missions are and provide information for them. If there are any questions or would like to see more running of guild mission please respond.

Guild Mission Times:
Tuesday @ 7:30pm eastern

Current Guild Missions:
Easy Weekly Opportunities
Crab Scuttle Race
Guild Bounty 1
Medium Weekly Opportunities
Guild Trek
Hard Weekly Opportunities
Devourer Burrow Race
PvE Opportunities
Lagmar Estate Puzzle

Please try and be available for this as we will try to do all of them that we can.


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Reminder, the weekly guild missions are happening tonight at 8:30pm eastern, We will be trying something new with the challenges so the more people to help and learn them the better. Looking forward to seeing you there.

GW2 Guild Hall Upgrades

This weeks missions are now updated in the OP. 2 Guild Treks and the Proxemics Lab Puzzle.


Thanks to a few key donations to our guild bank we were able to unlock the PvE Opportunity slot for our guild. This gave us another PvE mission to do and for this week it is a race.

As and even better added bonus, the guild has hit level 10, cheer This has also unlocked another Easy weekly opportunity and for this week is a bounty.

So much good things to look forward to this Wednesday at our guild missions.

See you there.


Guild Missions in 50 minutes. Join us if you can,


Just got back to town and logged into Guild Wars 2. Looks like we have a few new ones. Look forward to tomorrow to run it with y’all. Check the original post for new missions.

PS @Auth has the crab…


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New Missions for the week. 3 bounties for capturing 1, 3 and 5 targets. A guild trek for getting 5 locations and the the Proxemics Lab puzzle. Look forward to seeing you there on Wednesday.


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I will be running guild missions this Wednesday at this point. I have changed thw start time for the missions to 7:30pm eastern. This is just after the tequatl world boss. We have been starting progressively later and later so we will be starting on time. Also, if your going to participate please try and keep your afks to a minimum. There has been quite a few recently and it has slowed down the entire group. We can complete these rather fast with little to no afks. Thanks you for your accommodation on this matter.


The new guild missions are availbe. We have a trek, a guild bounty 1, 2 challenges (one of which we have done before) and a guild puzzle. Just a reminder we will be starting at 7:30pm eastern which is different from what we have been doing (an hour earlier). Please be on time as we will be starting at 7:30pm.


We have made a change in date for our guild missions. They will now be on Tuesday instead of Wednesday at 7:30pm eastern. I’ve allotted an hour and a half to do them and after that guild fractals will start at 9:00pm eastern. Will update the mission tomorrow after they have reset.


Guild Missions have been updated. Reminder that the time and date has changed for guild mission to Tuesday at 7:30pm eastern. After the missions we will be doing some guild runs of some fractals so stay after and join us there.


New guild mission up. Reminder the mission is on Tuesday at 7:30pm Eastern. Come and join us to help the guild grow and get your guild accommodations.


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As it seems I can no longer edit the first post on this topic here is this weeks guild bounties that we will try and complete 1/12 at 7:30pm eastern time. Just a reminder that someo f thes missions require a minimum number of people to every start the mission. So please come join us for these to help the guild out.

Guild Mission Times:
Tuesday @ 7:30pm eastern

Current Guild Missions:
Easy Weekly Opportunities
Bear Lope Race
Guild Trek 5
Medium Weekly Opportunities
Guild Trek 15
Hard Weekly Opportunities
Guild Bounty 5
PvE Opportunities
Deep Trouble Challenge


Reminder, tonight at 7:30 eastern time is our guild missions. Please come and help us expand our guild and get your guild accommidations for your ascended gear.