GW2 Legendary Fractal Backpiece Help



I need help and pugs are not cutting it. I’m working on the legendary backpiece from fractals and i need a solid group of players that know their shit. I have to kill the jade Maw in less that 5 mins and pugs are not working. If anyone can help me out with this tonight let me know. I’d like to get started around 8pm eastern but i’m flexible on time. Thanks for the help.


I probably can’t tonight, I’ve got an exam tomorrow; if you can’t get it handled before the weekend I can jump in though :wink:


Well i’m still working on getting all my fractal relics for the backpieces so it’ll take me a few days to complete that. I’d like to have this portion done before that cause this challenge is damn tough. Will let you know if i don’t get it and still need help.