GW2: Let's Talk About Ascended Gear



This reddit post, and the comment above brought up some really great points me and Glitch were talking about recently. It seems when it really comes down to it the only ascended gear truly worth it is weapons, and accessories. The large amount of gold you’d have to spend in order to get just a 6% increase from armor hardly seems worth it. What are your thoughts? I know a lot of us from the guild were talking a bit about raid requirements, I think this information should be taken into account if the information pans out. I’ll go ahead tag officers, and other members see this as well to hear they think.



So the big problem with all this talk is that we don’t know what the devs have in mind while designing the content. If the devs design a boss to be taken down by 10 people in full sets of ascended gear then by not wearing ascended you’re not simply losing a 6% advantage, you’re actually now at a 6% disadvantage.

In one of their streams (I think it was at Twitch Con) the devs mentioned that the first few wings could be done in exotic gear, but eventually ascended would be required. To me this suggests that at a certain point they will be designing content with a group of 10 fully ascended players in mind. Now this doesn’t mean it would be impossible if your party isn’t fully pinked out, but I assume it would be a lot more difficult.

Also the defensive infusions are downplayed in the reddit post. But I assume in large group content designed to be the most difficult content in the entire game, some added survivability on everyone would go a long way to help everyone (especially me as a healer :smiley: )


Agreed that out of all the ascended items the armor adds the least amount. I think that getting accessories and weapons are far more important and are a much less time consuming effort. With this said I think anyone that is thinking of making a play into the end game content of guild wars 2 should naturally work towards ascended armor. It is time consuming. It resource intensive. It does provide a minimal stat increase. But was @Wayward has said, if the devs have developed content based around 10 man ascended groups then this will put people at a disadvantage. Also besides raids there is also fractals. I know several of us enjoy fractals and now that the fractals are to 100 the ascended armor will add an additional 30 agony resist to your character. Pretty huge imo. @senNish can maybe comment more on this as he is the only one I know in the higher fractal levels. Overall I think it is a natural progression is to go for it especially if you want the legendary armor from the raids. Might as well get the crafting to 500.