GW2 Living World Season 3 Finale



The last of the Living World Season 3 episodes drops on July 25. This is the final episode before the next expansion is to come and hopefully will set the tone for the next expansion. I am personally looking forward to it as i have felt that this Season of Living World has been the best so far. For those of y’all interested in the Guild Wars 2 story i’d suggest picking up the Living World seasons and giving them a play through. Will post more about this episode when i get more information.


I feel like I have asked this before; did they ever release Season 1 for replay? I believe the way it was constructed you originally couldn’t play it again. I think I read that they would have to put some episodes into an instance before it would work.


Not yet, unfortunately; they’ve said they want to do it, but the logistics are tricky since they were in preexisting rather than new zones like the subsequent seasons.


Yeah, @Auth is right. They haven’t released season 1 to be played like the other seasons. Season 1 was brought to us in a different manner as it was more open world content than instance content. Some of that content was very large, one of them was a world boss released in Lonar’s Pass that needed like something like 150 people to kill. While some others was taking an existing map, like Lion’s Arch, and forming an instance of it which required, like the previous one mentioned, 150-200 people to complete the event. And they did that twice, one for the destruction of LA and the other for the retaking of LA.

So they have mentioned they want to bring this back to be re-playable like season 2 & 3 but the logistics of that seems impossible. That being said, some of the smaller instances have been made into fractals that can be replayed. But for those that do not know that it was apart of Season 1 there is nothing in the fractal that tells you it’s from Season 1.

They have a large endeavor in front of them to get Season 1 playable by those that missed it and i don’t envy that task. Hopefully they even have people to work on it with their new release schedule.