GW2 LW3 Flashpoint



The next episode for Guild Wars 2 Living World Season 3 is dropping May 2. A new trailer was released teasing episode 5. With this release there is going to be a new Heart of Thorn map dropping. But the most exciting thing about this trailer happens at the end and has nothing to do with the story. This is the second to last episode for Season 3 Living World, which means that after the next two episodes an expansion should be dropping after that.

I’m really looking forward to that because this season of living world has been the best one so far. Arenanet has been really fine toning their process and seems to have this shit together with the living world and i feel that the next expansion should even be better.

But enough of that. Hope to see you in game.


So much MMORPG action lately. Maybe it’s just me being back in the US and paying closer attention to it.