GW2 LWS4 Episode 5 - All of Nothing



The next episode in Living World Season 4, All of Nothing, will be releasing on January 8. With this release the following content will be added to Guild Wars 2.

New Story Content along with a new Mastery
New Map - Thunderhead Peaks.
New Fractal - Siren’s Reef
New Legendary Longbow - Pharus
New Upgradable “Dragonsblood” Weapon Set
New Diviner Gear
9 New Mistlock Instabilities for Fractals

In particular i’m looking forward to the new map Thunderhead Peaks as some of us Guild Wars 1 players remember the massive hurdle Thunderhead Keep was to progress in the story. It’ll be nice to see how the map will have progressed in the 300 years since we were last there.

As always, the trailer contains spoilers for any that have not done any of the LW season up to this point.