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The trailer and expansion information was released today and I have made this megapost to talk about the different features and content. There will be several smaller post after this one to expand on each of the topics listed below. Also there is several things discussed here that could be spoiler related and i will blur those to the best of my ability but this is an expansion and it’s hard to talk about it without mentioning some spoilers.

Elite Specializations



So what is Path of Fire. Path of Fire is a standalone, content driven expansion for Guild Wars 2. This expansion does not require you to own the previous expansion to play. It can be play without having to complete any of the previous content before it to join in the fun.

I’'ll start out by showing you the trailer for Path of Fire. There are spoilers for Living World Season 3 so you have been warned.

Next, what is the cost? Well see below for the breakdown.
Standard edition

  • $29.99
  • GW2: Path of Fire Expansion
  • Max-Level boost

Deluxe Edition

  • $54.99
  • Standard Content
  • Spearmarshal’s Presence outfit
  • Lily of the Elon Permanent Pass (a special hub zones with everything a character needs after a long days adventure)
  • Additional Character Slot
  • Identity Repair Kit

Ultimate Edition

  • $79.99
  • Deluxe Content
  • 4000 Gems - A $50 Value

Also by pre-ordering before 9/22/17, you get a Miniature Balthazar, the “Elonian Envoy” Title, and a Sunspear Weapon Skin. The base games does not cost anything anymore and is free to play so buying the expansion only adds the expansion content to play. Also there is an option to bundle the new expansion with the old expansion if that is an interest to anyone.

So when does it release. My first thought that it was going to be December of 2017 before it release but i was way off. The release date for the expansion to drop is September 22, 2017. This is less than two months away. This really surprised me but with Arenanet’s new model they plan release expansion after the end of a Living World Season.

When is the next living World Season to be released. The start of Living World Season 4 is to start 2 -3 months after the release of Path of Fire. Giving the community less of a content gap than after the previous expansion, Heart of Thorns.

For more information regarding Path of Fire please see the webpage below and the following post.



Path of Fire takes us to the crystal desert where the elder crystal dragon Kralkatorrik resides. A land that has been cut of from Tyria for the past 250 years due to the rise of the elder dragon is now available to us explore once again.

After the fall of Zhaitan and the destruction of Mordremoth, the elder dragons Primordus and Jormag have absorbed the left of magics from the fallen elder dragons but their machination are not the only troubles that face Tyria.

After finding out that the newly resurrected mursaat, Lazarus, was actually the Human god Balthazar, he seeks to regain his power by killing and absorbing the energy from the remaining elder dragons. When Taimi discovered that killing elder dragons would destroy Tyria, we stopped him from killing Primordus by putting both Primordus and Jormag back to sleep, Balthazar leave for the crystal dragon to face Kralkatorrik. We followed him the Crystal Desert to stop his murderous rage and prevent him from killing Kralkatorrik, once again saving Tyria.

Three factions vie for power within the Crystal Desert.

  • The Forged - The Forged are minions of Balthazar forges for one thing and one things only, to wage war against the entirety of Tyria. Forged creatures from metals and fire that do not eat, sleep or breathe and hunger for battle and war. An extension of the Rage and Murderous intent of the master Balthazar.
  • The Awakened - The Awakened are sentient undead that serve their ruler, Palawa Joko. The long undead king of Elona that has lived for centuries has retaken his domain and a Tyrant ruler of the undead residing in the Crystal Desert. They worship him as their king and will stop at nothing to complete his commands.
  • The Branded - The Branded are mindless minions of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. When Kralkatorrik woke from her slumber with the Blood Legions homelands in the for north, she flew down to the Crystal Desert to hunt down her traitorous champion Glint. Over the path that she flew, everything in her shadow became corrupted by her and turned into mindless crystal being. They have no desires and are obedient only to their master.



So what features can we expect with this expansion. First and foremost there are new elite specializations for each of the 9 classes. 5 new maps are being added centered around the Crystal Desert. New combat mechanic has been added called Barrier. Barrier is like an energy shield that has to be damaged before it you can do damage to the actual health bar, like shields in most games. Four mounts are added to the game and are the center of the new mastery system. With the addition of mounts, a new event type will be added to the game called races. You will race other players on your mounts to see who can complete the course first. New world bosses will be added to the new areas and a new Bounty system will be added to hunt down various and assorted dangerous mobs. A new guild hall will also be released for Guilds to claim and expand.

More information for most of those topics can be found below in their individual post.



As mentioned 5 maps will be added to Tyria with this expansion centered around the Crystal Desert. These maps have been described as the largest maps yet to been created for Guild Wars 2 and the combined map area exceeds the maps of Heart of Thorns and the entirety of Living World Season 3, combined. These maps are designed specifically for the new mount system and are meant to go hand in hand with them. Some place might not be available to the players until they unlock a certain mount that can help them traverse through the terrain.

Filled with these maps is gorgeous architecture of Elonian design, tall pyramids that can be explored and vast desert that can be traversed. Find yourself stopping at oasis scattered through the desert to rest your weary bones.

New enemies await you as you travel and three faction vie for power over the desert; The Forged, The Awakened and the Branded. More spoiler filled information about them can be found in the story section. Sentient fruit and plants want to turn you into their next meal. And all the while the most dangerous of creatures lurk in the sands, the Hyrdra.


Elite Specializations

With Path of Fire, 9 new elite specializations will be released, one for each class. Below is a breakdown of their names and abilities.

Firebrand - Guardian

The Firebrand are melee focused combats support. They gain access to the axe main hand weapon. They get mantras that that can be charged up for cast at a later point in time. They give up instant support for a more focused support. Their virtues are replaces with tomes that can be used to damage foes and provide support for their allies. Also provides an incredible amount of burning to their arsenal.

Scourge - Necromancer

The Scourged are necromancers that have given up their Death Shroud ability to infused the sands with their lifeforce. They gain access to the weapon torch for their off-hand. With no death through, they gain access to 5 new skills that uses their life force to cast. the most basic is sand shades which are used to protect their allies and torment their foes. Provides excellent condition damage in the form of torment. Their punishment skills are their new skill mechanic.

Deadeye - Thief

The Deadeye is ranged assassin that harnesses the use of a rifle to deal massive damage from afar. They lose the steal ability to gain the Marked ability. Those enemies marked by the Deadeye takes increased damage based on their stacks of malice. The skill 5 on the rifle provides a short stealth and makes the Deadeye prone, unable to move but still able to dodge. While prone the range of the rifle is increased dramatically. Their shadow arts skills provide increased damage when used against marked foes and your malice stacks.

Mirage - Mesmer

The Mirage is a mid to close range fighter taking advantage of their new main handed axe weapon. Their deception skills are used to baffle enemies and provide safety to the caster. Their dodge skill has changed to no longer roll when you use it. Instead it provides a blur effect that lets any attack pass through you for the duration of the blur. This give you increased confusion on which is the real mesmer and which are the illusions.

Spellbreaker - Warrior

The Spellbreaker is a melee offensive warrior that focuses on countering and striping magic from their foes. They use dual daggers and meditations to focus on enemy denial in the form of boon strips, skill stall and skill prevention. The Spellbreaker’s adrenaline bar is reduces to 2 instead of three and is used to counter enemies attacks and damage them in return.

Weaver - Elementalist

The Weaver is an elementalist that focuses on dual attunements. They use a sword in their main hand and stances to increase their combat efficieny. The dual attunements are based on the weapon choices the Weaver uses. Skill 1 &2 are based on the most recent attunement swap while 4&5 are based on the last attunement swapped. Skill 3 is based on the current attuments you have active and your weapon choices.

Soulbeast - Ranger

The Soulbeast is a ranger that is in tuned with their animal companion. The wield main hand daggers like talons of the animals they are bonded with. They use stances to take on the stance of while creatures. When the Soulbeast merges with it’s animal companion, it is removed from play and they gain their unique ability and the abilities of it’s archetype. Also, Path of Fire has released 4-5 new pets for the ranger to find and tame.

Renegade - Revenant

The Renegade takes on the Legend of Kalla Scorchrazor who rose up to end the tyranny of the Flame Legion. They can draw upon her spirit to summon spirits of her warband that damages allies and boost allies. The gain the ability to use a shortbow to fire arrows through the miss to take down her enemies.

Holosmith - Engineer

The Holosmith are engineers that have learned to channel light into semisolid forms to damage their enemies. They wield swords in their main hand to provide up close combat support. In their photo-forge mode they gain access to powerful skill that generate heat that can cause damage to them when the temperature rises. Their Utilities skills increase in power the higher their temperature is.



Mounts are being introduced into Guild Wars 2 for the first time in Path of Fire. Not only these mounts used to help traverse the large maps of the Crystal Desert they also provide unique skills which can help you gain access to place in the world you could not get to without them. While mounts are your primary mode of transportation throughout the desert gliding will still be available.

There will be four mounts available to use in Path of Fire. They are each unique and provide the rider with different abilities. Each mount is associated with a corresponding mastery and by improving the mastery you can improve the abilities of the mount. While the mounts are not meant to be used in combat, each mount has an engage skill that can be used to dismount while providing a pet based attack to initiate combat. The four mounts are listed below.

  • Raptor - The raptor is a reptilian lizard that provides the rider with the ability to jump over long chasms. With higher mastery levels it can jump farther and provide better combat damage.
  • Springer - This bunny/mouse looking creature provides the user with the ability to jump high in the air. Based on how long you charge the higher you can jump in the air.
  • Skimmer - The skimmer is a floating mantra-ray looking creature that hovers above the ground. It can be used to travers over water and other harzardous terrains.
  • Jackal - The jackal is magically formed entity, formed from the dust of the sands to vaguely look like the creature it’s named after. It has the ability to blink forward through space. Unlike the raptors leap that goes forward, the jackal’s blink can change direction mid blink.

Just like gliding that eventually became possible in core Tyria maps, so can you ride your mount in those maps. But like gliding mounts may be disabled if they would interfere or break things like jumping puzzles.

As mentioned above, a new event has been added to the game specificaly for mounts called racing. In racing you will be pitted against the other players to see who can complete the racing course first. For those of you that have done guild races, they will be similar to that in format but instead of racing to get a number of completion you will be racing the other players to see who complete the course first.


I believe i have covered all of the most important of information. If anyone has any questions let me know.


Oh, something i forgot. The new expansion, Path of Fire, will be having an preview of it next weekend. It is open to anyone including those that haven’t played GW2 before. All that is required is to make a free account with arenanet and your will be able to preview the expansion.


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Yeah the entirety of Living World Season 3 has been building up to this expansion. It’s cool what they have done with it.


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Alright. I recovered both my accounts and bought Path of Fire on my main. Spent some time last night cleaning out my bag/bank. This weekend I need to power through my living world quests. HYPE!


I’ve been going through the living world seasons on all of my characters also getting them ready for the expansion. Also, if anyone wants to join the Strats guild please send me a message with your Guild Wars 2 account name and i’ll get you invited.


Added new information about a feature i forgot to mention: Racing. With the addition of mounts there was a new event added called racing in where you race other players to see you can complete the course first. For more information look at the Mount section.


Just a heads up. Path of Fire expansion release will happen in four days on Friday the 22nd at 9am Pacific. If you haven’t bought the expansion yet and want to you can buy it through some of the Guild Wars 2 content creators so they can get a bit of money to help them continue to put of GW2 content. Can’t wait to see you in the Crystal Desert.