GW2 Path of Fire Preview Weekend



This coming up weekend Aug 11 - 13, Guild Wars 2 will be doing a preview weekend of their upcoming expansion. Everyone is invited to come join us as we roam the Crystal Desert on our new mounts. You do not need to own the game or have played it before to join us on this event. Just need to make a Guild Wars 2 account and log in during the stated time to play. This is a good opportunity for those that are unsure if they want to try the game or not to see what the game is about. More information can be found below. Hope to see you in Tyria.


I’m definitely going to check out all the new elite specs this weekend.


This is the kind of shit I like to see companies doing as opposed to mandatory preorders and such for permission to participate.


Looks like I re-installed just in time.


Ah so THAT’S why I can’t log in.


Oh one thing to say. If you are planning to try it out for the first time you want to start downloading the game, like now. It’s a large download and takes hours to complete.





Yeah i’m familiar with the update at the last minute scenario.