GW2 PvP Ranking Algorithms Broken Down



One of our kind and friendly neighbors over at Reddit (pause) was good enough to break down the way you are rewarded PvP League/Division Pips based on your matchmaking chances.

It’s a pretty handy little chart which makes things fairly easy to understand.

So you can actually lose a game and still gain division pips.
I think this is an excellent system as it motivates to play your best even if you’re clearly outmatched.

Reddit OP


This is really interesting. A few months ago I was talking to a colleague at work who used to make AI bots that play StarCraft. He was telling me about testing for multiplayer games’ matchmaking systems.

Apparently they use large pools of AI to run simulations where some AI is better than others at the game. Simulating long timescales, you look at how games are ranked down the road.

For example, is there still an opportunity to rank up? Is there too wide of a valley between good and bad players?

There was a lot more to the discussion but it’s above my head. Anyway, this interests me. Cool find.