GW2 Spirit Vale Raid 12/2



Sorry about the late post but due to our schedule, the only night available for us to raid is Wednesday which is in direct conflict with our weekly guild missions. So with that we will have to move our weekly guild missions to Tuesday to accommodate raids. Start time for the raid is 7:30pm eastern and we will be raiding for 2 hours stopping at 9:30pm eastern. We will be starting at this time so be prepared to start and not logging on at this time. Below is a few points we need to address.

  • Be ready to go at start time indicated.
  • Try and keep afk’s to a minimum.
  • When i call for comms please quiet the channel.
  • When i call for a wipe please do not prolong the wipe.
  • Please be coherent during the raid.
  • Understand that if i sound abrupt or curt, it is not because I’m mad or don’t like you. It cause i’m trying to lead a very social group in very hard content.

Date: 12/02/12
Start Time: 7:30pm eastern
End Time: 9:30pm eastern

Raid Team:


Please confirm you can make it. If anyone can’t make it well pick up pugs to complete the group.




Should be good for Condi


Good to go for that night!


I’m in for that time and moving it to Tuesday works too.


I can make it if you need an alternate.


Sounds good i’ll put you down as an alternate.


Reminder, Raid tonight at 7:30pm eastern. If you haven’t confirmed yet please do. If we can’t get enough people we will pug a few.


Confirmed, though may be a bit late. I have an appointment at 5:00 Central but I am fairly sure I’ll be back in time


I hate to retract what I said earlier, but due to me catching a stomach bug, or something I don’t think I can attend tonight… Sorry everyone.


I’m taking care of this fool tonight. :frowning:


Whip him into shape.