GW2 Spirit Vale Raid 12/9



Start time for the raid is 7:30pm eastern and we will be raiding for 2 hours stopping at 9:30pm eastern. We will be starting at this time so be prepared to start and not logging on at this time. Below is a few points we need to address.

  • Be ready to go at start time indicated.
  • Try and keep afk’s to a minimum.
  • When i call for comms please quiet the channel.
  • When i call for a wipe please do not prolong the wipe.
  • Please be coherent during the raid.
  • Understand that if i sound abrupt or curt, it is not because I’m mad or don’t like you. It cause i’m trying to lead a very social group in very hard content.

Date: 12/02/12
Start Time: 7:30pm eastern
End Time: 9:30pm eastern

Raid Team:


Please confirm you can make it. If anyone can’t make it well pick up pugs to complete the group.


Should be fine for this :wink:


I should be there, but if anyone needs a spot they may take mine. I am required to go to some study party thing so I have to be at that, I’m just not sure for how long. However, I will be on at 8ish I believe and can pick up there if I’m not there on time.

However, I don’t have any exams next week so I will be pretty much free during the day Wednesday and after that study thing Wednesday night. I’m taking time off of work to prepare for exams, so I’ll be on more so during the day thankfully.


Well that’s infuriatingly reasonable.

I’m all good for Wednesday btw. I’ll be der.


I’ve got to be honest, I really need to focus on my classes right now, so I really don’t think I can be there for this. Getting sick last week really screwed up my schedule so now I’m trying hard to play some major catch up in my classes. I’m hoping to dig myself out of the mountain of assignments I’m currently trapped in by next week though. We shall see.


I’m in.


I’m in