GW2 Tools and Apps



Guild Wars 2 exposes an extensive api for outside apps and websites to access several areas of your account (with your permission of course :slight_smile: ). Below are a couple sites/tools that I have used and offer some really cool ways to look at your account, and can even help you make monies!

##Getting Started##
To get started using GW2 online tools you must first generate an API key to provide to an application. You can make one key, or many different keys for each application you want to do, and every key can be revoked at any time to effectively disable access to your account information for any service which was given that key.

To create an API key, you must first log in to your GW2 account here. Once logged in you can access the page for API keys by clicking the applications tab near the top of the page. From this page you will be able to create and manage your API keys. To create a key, simply click new key, and select the areas of your account you want accessible for that key. You can also name the key if you plan on making multiple and want to keep better track of them. I name my keys after the application I plan to give it to. The categories are pretty self explanatory, but here are some details on them anyway:

  • Account: You account display name, ID, home world server, and joined guilds
  • Inventories: Your bank, material storage, recipes, and character inventories
  • Characters: Basic information for your characters (name/class/race)
  • Trading Post: Details you current trades and previous transactions
  • Wallet: Account Currencies
  • Unlocks: Skins, dyes, minipets, and finisher unlocks. Also shows currently equipped skins
  • PvP: Stats, history, reward progression, and custom arena details if applicable
  • Builds: Currently equipped specializations, traits, skills, and equipment for each game mode

Once you have created your first API key, you can head out into the world of GW2 applications!

##GW2 Shinies##
At it’s heart, GW2 Shinies is a collection of tools with a singular focus on helping players become more proficient at navigating the economy in Guild Wars 2. It provides a wide variety of tools and resources for success in many different areas and strategies for making money in GW2, predominately with heavy use of the trading post. You can find tools to help you find items to buy low and flip for a profit, show you which items are worth salvaging vs. selling, or even show you which crafting recipes can turn a profit based on material cost and item sell price.

By giving GW2 Shinies an API key, you can use their tools to easily search through your entire account to find out which character you left you harp on!

##GW2 Efficiency##
GW2 Efficiency is a relatively new site which makes use of a lot more parts of GW2’s API to show a complete overview of your account value, as well as offer tools to track wealth generating activities in the game, such as tracking your trading post use to provide an accounting of total profit generated, making daily events as completed to tally how much money you have made smashing through AC, world bosses, or rich gathering node uses. There is also a leader board, so you can see how poor you are in relation to everyone else. (My account is worth 8,240g 39s 66c, which is about 3.8% the current #1 at 214,748g :sadgumball:)

GW2Spidy has been around for quite a while, back before account API’s were available. This site does not actually use an account API to do anything, but I wanted to mention it because it is a wonderful resource for long term investment on the trading post, or if you want to watch the trend on a particular item to see if it’s likely to get cheaper in the next few days.

If I left out any let me know below, or put together a write up about it below. If you use one of the tools about in a special way and would like to share it with us please do, I need more :moneybag:. Please…