GW2 TwitchCon / Druid



So for those of you interested GW2 will be streaming all day from TwitchCon on their channel

Also the Druid reveal is scheduled for 11:20 am (Pacific Time)


I’m there. Go druid!!!


looks good so far

All the CC and Healing!

[Edit] Man! Druid looks really freakin good! Gonna put my Guardian out of a job.


These new pets are amazing looking! I will be giving this a shot!


Man, now I might have to level up my Ranger. . .
What’d you think @Diacuss?


I was impressed. This class looks like a more viable healing build that what we’ve seen from the revenant. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit into the play style i like as i don’t generally like healing much but this spec does bring something to rangers that they are sorely missing. I’m most excited about the new pets. Especially that fire wyvern that would do wonders to my burning build.

Man that celestial form… wow…

On a side note i’m truly glad this wasn’t a shapeshifting build.


I’ll have to look at this when I get home. No shape shifting? I wanted to be able to shift into a kite instead of deploying my glider…


Please, i wouldn’t want to have shapeshifted to a kite. If that was an option i would have rather shapeshifted to a wyvern.

Thank you for not adding shapeshift.


Celestial Form = Life Shroud
Druid is reverse necro


Never thought of it like that but it does have some fittings. Mechanically it’s different but theoretically it kinda fits.


Shape shift into bubbles. Then everyone is like OMG WE GET TO SHAPE SHIFT INTO A DRAGON, and then no, you just turn into a thin film of soapy water surrounding a pocket of air…


They now have the druid info on the guild wars 2 site and can be found here. If anyone is interested in the live stream about the druid, there is a past broadcast that has it from the guild wars 2 twitch page.