H-hello? Is this thing on?


Oh, man, I’m on the hunt something fierce for non-toxic communities of all stripes. I’m a 29-year-old graphic designer/writer hunting for people to game with in the evenings and on weekends. I have a core gaming group that I play stuff like Overwatch and CS: Global Offensive with, but I’m hoping to find more people to play other games with–namely, at the moment, Battlefield 1, Far Cry 4 (co-op, I wanna finish the dang story) and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

That being said, I have a metric ton of games owing to getting incredibly lucky in terms of befriending generous people and/or spending my disposable income willy-nilly. I’m willing to play just about anything.

I have a youtube channel and I’d love to create content eventually on a regular basis, but for the time being I just like making the occasional video/stream for my friends to take a peek at when THEY’RE bored at work/chilling between classes/etc.

I’d love to meet more folks who are down to play the games mentioned above and just about anything else!


Glad to see a new face as always.

Sounds like you’ll fit in fine. Although i no longer play this titles i’m sure theres plenty here that do. I’ve played overwatch a few good times with the folks here and it was good times. I been taking a break from it after the radical balance changes they been making, kind of drew me out of the game.

Although maybe sometime i’ll have to reinstall CS GO and give it a shot with you. its been many years since i was a competitive CSGO player.

If your ever down for some For Honor PC let me know.


Welcome to Strats!! got alot of people playing Wildlands right now…paging @Auth…glad to have you join us!


I’ve slowed down on Overwatch for the exact same reason. The Symmetra balance changes in particular just…whooboy. She burns me down so quick. ;_;


yup, and if you havnt been back and seen the bastion changes… your in for a fucking treat. just rediculous. new meta is bastion, reinheart, symetra and others to protect her. whos the better bastion is what your mostly playing. its really lame.

and the new hero coming out? if anyone has watched videos of her abilities, seen the dmg output and acuracy, shield, full group damage buff, and the pull in right click cannon she has its just going to make the game way worse.
and they nerfed my Ana… she didnt need a nerf.



In other news, welcome to the party! Ghost Recon: Wildlands whatnot is happening over here (we’re trying to get everyone in the Task Force to make it easier to find each other, especially for new members) so feel free to request an invite. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Do you do any pixel art?

And welcome to the site. Yesterday I made the decision to back away from Overwatch for a while due to all the frustrations I’ve had in the past week of competitive. My plan now is to focus mainly on single-player and co-op games (such as Wildlands), Battlefield, and maybe some fighting games. Things that won’t frustrate me so much.

I don’t think you specified; do you play on PC? I assume so since you mentioned CS:GO.


Welcome aboard! You’ll find a diverse bunch here. Some of us are trying to get through our backlog of steam sales as well, so lots to choose from gamewise.


I do primarily game on PC, yes. I’ve got…kind of a Pokemon thing? Like, I own Sun and Omega Ruby and I’ve got completed files with pseudo-viable teams on both, so I guess I also play stuff on 3DS.

I mainly do layout/arranging pre-existing elements, I’m afraid–I say “graphic designer,” but I perhaps should be more specific and say I’m the PR gopher for a private university, so much of my work is arranging templates and whatnot into new brochures, magazines, and so on. I’ve got more training in writing and photography than I do actual visual art, I’m afraid.


Welcome! Your story matches up with a lot of people here so it seems like you’ll feel right at home. If you’re playing Wildlands on PC, you should join us. I’m going to be spending a lot of time in it this weekend especially:

We need more peeps!

I also recommend jumping in Discord if you’re feeling chatty:

Again, welcome! :strats_blue:


Wait, wh–PVP is coming to GR: Wildlands?!


No, we do co-op missions. It’s much more fun with friends.


Yes it is, @Vocino; don’t ruin my hopes of a TLoU-esque PVP experience :wink:

It’s true, though, we do do (heh) co-op stuff ATM.


Hey welcome! Ive started playing Wildlands, havent actually played with any other strats members, hopefully after I get back from Asia! I’m also an occasional graphic designer, so good to see another visual type here!


Welcome good sir. I’d say you’ve found the right place. Hopefully you enjoy your stay and as everyone else said, let us know if you have any questions.


its pretty cool


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