H1Z1 Trollin in my "foreign" voice


I’m sure there’s more of these to come so I figured I would make a topic(I hope that’s ok). I like to mess with people in this weird “foreign” voice I do. Apparently some people hear it and don’t want to kill me because “I don’t speak very good english” :smile:

Also, it’s apparent many people get frustrated with people that are foreign. I was almost in tears with the first one(although I’m pretty sure he knew I was just trollin) :smile:


hah! i definitely gotta jump in this game with you soon. unfortunately, this game seems to becoming more and more unstable by the day. i hope this isn’t a problem for the future of the game. since SOE got bought out by Daybreak, it’s been a little downhill and discouraging. some big H1Z1 streamers (Cohh Carnage and CDNthe3rd, among others) have been forced to play other games due to the lack of stability. i’m worried that the fanbase may totally jump ship when people like that are not saying the best things in the world about a game.


This is hilarious. I had no idea you did ‘foreign’ voices.

I was tryna punch his dead body.” Hit a man while he’s down, why dontcha. :joy:


Jeez, that second video… you just did those guys so dirty. SO DIRTY.


@dontcallmejames It really depends on how you look at it. I personally, have only ever encountered 1 hacker. I mean there’s tons of crashes and bugs and stuff, but honestly in my opinion it was only 20 bucks. I remember paying 20 bucks for games I barely even touched because they were so bad.

I have almost 100 hours logged in H1Z1 so far and honestly I just get in and have fun, I don’t expect a AAA experience lol.

@simplyundrea I do a few voices, but I have to give most of the credit for the inspiration of that voice to Zombie_barricades. He does a voice very similar and says stuff like “nehomah” and “friendleeee” :slight_smile:

@PeterThomas6 I’ve been so screwed over by so many people and killed by so many people I don’t even care lol


Haha! That reminds me of that one guy that one time you were all like “shouldn’t have killed my friend” or something like that and the guy called you a few names. That was one of the great memories I had watching your stream next to the amazing band name @VintageMusic.


Well I’m just glad I can be entertaining :slight_smile:

I’m almost thinking about playing Five Nights At Freddies 3 tonight. I’m sure everyone would get a kick out of watching me crap myself on stream. :wink:


Oh this I must see!


So this isn’t H1Z1 related…but here’s how bad I suck at horror games. Literally…I get so scared.

Note: Reactions are genuine. BRB while I change my pants.

Edit: There was also this gem from H1Z1. Never stop to give someone food…9/10 times it’s a trick. I have no soul, this I realize.



One moment I was laughing at your expression then I screamed cause I got startled. Haha. Jump scares ftw!

THIS is how I felt/reacted while playing the P.T. demo. Nopes all around.


I can’t believe I had to miss the Five NIghts at Freddies stream! I’m so sad! I got sick yesterday and almost had to go to the hopsital. Off seeing the highlight I know it was amazing to watch! lol


Don’t worry, I suck really bad at it and haven’t gotten past night 4! However, most of the initial jump scares have happened, so they probably won’t be as good tomorrow night.

But one of my viewers bought and gifted me outlast! So I’m sure I’ll be playing that soon!