Had a good start to SW Battlefront



So I started some BattleFront tonight, just hopped in for a quick game or two of blast, and ended up apparently playing 11.

I had a pretty solid bunch of games it seems :smiley:

How’s everyone enjoying it so far?


I think I’m Rank 7 as well but I’ve only really played Walker Assault so far. Having a lot of fun playing partnered with my wife.

You have a monster ratio though. Dominating.

Are you doing a lot vehicles? Heroes? Any tips?


I was only playing team blast, so purely 10v10 I think it is. No vehicles, no hero’s .

I’m not sure on tips, I’ve just been lobbing grenades often, and learning choke points. I also notice on some maps that have multiple levels to them (climbing up onto areas, or just taking ramps upwards, etc) a lot of players tend to look straight ahead, and not up, so you can get the jump on them. I also try to use my radar often, although I’m still learning the specific details of the radar (what does it mean when it’s solid, faded red, and learning it’s range.


Played a bunch yesterday. i think i’m rank 10 or 11. i’m kind of trying out all the weapons. I didn’t buy the deluxe version so i don’t have access yet to that OP pistol the DL-44 or whatever it is. That thing is responsible for easily about 75% of my deaths.


Ya, I just got the normal version as well, although if it’s anything like the other pistol blaster it’s crap for range. I’ve only purchased the one available pistol, and have been alternating between the starter blaster, and the first pistol upgrade. The pistol does melt people close to medium range, but other than that it’s not that great, although I have no idea what the deluxe pistol is like.


I bought the deluxe version. I did all 5 of the tutorial missions, got at least two stars each. Then I spent the rest of the evening in the Squadron assault. Took me about 2 and a half hours of dicking around and learning all the things, and I’m rank 5 and a half. The fighter combat is very satisfying to me. From the beta I’ve learned that for me the best upgrade is the jetpack, so I’m going to save all my monies until it opens at rank 13, then hop into the ground fights full bore. There’s nothing to buy for the fighters so it’s just load up and go. I didn’t think I’d like the battles being solely atmospheric, but it is exactly what they needed to do to make it visually engaging. There’s random smoke clouds on some maps (Sullust) that break target locks pretty easily. It’s not a Destiny killer for me, we just put in our surround sound system and the game just blows it away, especially with the music.


I only played the first 3 training missions (edit: not true I played offline co-op with the boy). Speeder bikes are stupid hard to control at first. You can strafe with them and they move rather fast.

I think I will enjoy both Battlefront and BLOPS3. Battlefront offers vehicles and a somewhat more tactical game as well as tickling my nerd with the Star Wars. Call of Duty is pure arcade, fast-paced shooting. I can make room for both.


I’m still addicted to Destiny, but I’ve been slowly drifting into Halo, and I’d like to continue to play BattleFront, so it’ll be interesting to see how I space my time out between these 3 games. Historically I’d play a new game for 2-3 hours (loving it), and then Destiny would consume me, and I’d forget about the other new game…


@ohnokenzilla I saw you beat me by 5 seconds on the AT-ST training.


The fighter combat is seriously a ton of fun. Might be my favorite part. They did a really great job with it and it seemed like that was what people were complaining about the most.

The Dl-44 Deluxe pistol is somewhat over powered at close range but it doesn’t compare to the own age that is the Scout pistol.

Both are terrible at long range though, of course. For this reason I go medium range main and scout for short.


i can’t get that scout pistol working for me. i’m enjoying the hell out of the first sniper type rifle card. i think it’s called ion pulse or some shit. that thing is good for 5-8 kills for me every round. very fun.


I’ve been enjoying that pulse rifle card as well. It took me a few games to actually figure out how to use it. I was surprised to see it was initially only a single shot. Then I was disappointed that I’d hit someone with it to only see them lose 1/10th of their health, and even headshots weren’t killing them. I was also frustrated by what seemed like a delay in the initial shot, so I had to keep tracking them when i wanted to shoot.

Only after a few games did I realize you need to charge the weapon (hold the fire button), then it became an OP one shot killing machine. Now in just my last 3 games I have 16 registered kills with it, lol.


Nice, I might have to pick that up.


Gave it a solid 2h yesterday on my PS4 through a variety of game types & have to say Fighter Squadron was fun. Sure I can’t fly any better than any other title, but just enjoyed the engagement.

Also, I agree with your two tips!

Rule number one - always use your vertical space!

Rule number two - you have a HUD so keep your head up.


So @Vocino, @Majordomo, and I teamed up last night. We played Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, and Walker Assault. I went from rank 5 and a half to rank 7 and a half. I completely torpedoed my K/D (from .92 to .48) and win average (81% to 65%). I was really sucking it up, it had nothing to do with my teammates. The Supremacy and Walker Assault maps were so big that it took forever to get to the action, and I got picked off right when I got there, so back to running again. Having a partner and teammates was very nice, though not as helpful as in other games with smaller maps. Overall I’m still liking it, though I need to buckle down and learn 2 play better.


Sounds like you had a rough night. I only played a bit of IB (Destiny) last night, will be playing some more Halo, Star Wars and Destiny this weekend though :slight_smile:


I had a great time with @ohnokenzilla and @Majordomo last night. I’m really enjoying Battlefront.


The companion app game plays like Castle Panic, and is awesome. It can earn you credits (but not rank) to unlock Star Cards in the PS4 game. You can also unlock those Star Cards from the app.