Halo 5 Collector's Edition Unboxing



Trust me, they needed the rest of the space for the collector’s statue(s).

Shiny new packaging glory!

UNSC Spartan Locke (Hero of the story).

The traitor Master Chief.

Locke about to murder the shamed former hero.

Shot at their current temporary home.

Closeup of the steelbook case (for which no actual game disk is included).

OMG. This other (assembly HEAVILY required) statue that comes with the normal deluxe version of the game. I am way too intimated by this to attempt it yet. :smiley:

P.S. Dramatization of what my hands will likely look like when I work up the courage to try and piece that statue together…

Halo 5 Collector's Edition Shipping!
Steam Controller Unboxing

I need an xbox one.


Is the statue heavy?


No, but it’s not light either, somewhere in the middle. I don’t have a scale. :slight_smile:


Looks like they’re bookends (if you flip them around). That’s why I was curious if they’re heavy.


I think they could function as such, but I doubt they were meant to be used that way. The two halves have magnets at the base and on the arch to connect the them.


Ah, got it.


Wait wait wait, no physical disc and major assembly for one the items? How much was this shit? Such an xbox thing to do. Lol


Like I said before, I prefer the no disk part. That is literally why I wanted to buy this (aside from being a big fan of halo), as most collector editions exclude me and my desire to have digital games. :smiley:

The metal model thing comes with the deluxe version too. If that means anything to you. :smile:

Hopefully it will be cool to build, just looks like a daunting task.


I’m just shocked that any collectors edition would not have a disc, I thought that was the entire point of a collectors edition. lol. I know alot of people prefer a digital purchase now, but years down the road when you aren’t playing it, it’s nice to have a disc in a collectors edition. right?

Edit: lol ok so I wanted to see what that metal statue looked like and it took me to ign and I found a link in the comments where people acutally were so upset about it not having a disc they started a change.org petition about it. lol



They did respond to those concerns and allow the digital code to be swapped for a disc. Having the card the code comes on, I can confirm it is concealed behind a scratch-off, so there shouldn’t be any issues with used codes.


Ah, ok, then that makes sense to me. It just reminded me of the shit MS tried to do when they wanted they system to connect to the internet every 24 hours or you couldn’t play it. lol




@W1thl0v3 get one!!! Join the fight :smile:.


If I could get Halo 1-5 on, all on one platform, I’d jump on the Xbox train.


Boy do I have the deals for you!

Halo MCC Console

Halo 5


I think he wants a working copy of Halo 1-5 on all platforms :wink:


Zinggggg. I returned Halo MCC a week after it released due to the lack of finding any multiplayer game lol. I believe single player campaigns are ok now?


I’m playing some mcc tonight for the first time. It’s kinda lame that you have to search for a new match after every single match has ended. I bought it a while ago and never played it. At this point I’m just playing H4 to prepare for H5.

Edit: I don’t feel bad for never play by this game until now. Lol MCC is hot trash.


I’m just after the story, I had Halo for the PC back in the day and fell in love. I just want to see how the Halo universe unfolds.