Halo 5 Company/Team/Group



Hey All…We are less than a month away from Halo 5 and I was curious as to who will be playing it from Strats. It would be nice to get everyone that is going to be playing to share their gamer tag so we can all add each other and rank up! I believe it is also 4 player co-op campaign like usual, that is always a blast.

So post your gamertag here and let’s game! Master Chief is waiting…

XBL Gamertag: skidoLLaZ

Hello there....I am new here c:

Calling @gohanthesaiyan :strats_blue:


I am HERE! my Gt is GohanTheSaiyan and ill be streaming H5 everyday after launch <3


We must stream together!


My Body is ready.
GT: One Man System


added you both.


Solor403 over here. Trying to get on Xbox a bit more and get some Halo in. Excited for H5 of course though.


I’ll be playing a lot for the short while before Black Ops 3 releases. I’d love to play with you all my gamertag is Perplex OG


I’ll probably end up picking this up as well.
GT is S0ulfi3nd


Just looked…didn’t beat Halo 4 :confounded:. I know what I have to stream the next couple weeks.


Super excited for Halo 5, definitely going to be playing a lot of it!

GT: BeebusLentus


I will Gamer Tag klonetroop6!


Hi guys! I can’t wait for Halo 5. For launch my plans are to play from 12:00am EST for a couple hours, then sleeping and going to school, and when I get home, at about 4:30pm EST, play until campaign completion. I want to do it on heroic. If anyone wants to do it with me during similar (or same) times, feel free to message me!
Gt: aSaferDestiny


Legendary or bust!! Or is it Halo that locks legendary until you complete the one below?


The older Halos didn’t, IIRC, but I can’t speak for the newer installments.


Added everyone here. GT: senNish7


Still not a 100% I will be getting this, but my GT: Dr Body Dropper

School might get in the way of this one :cry:


I invited you all to the Strats Co Halo company!! Accept it!


@skidoLLaZ can you make an official thread for the clan in Guilds & Clans with all the info about how to join, etc.


@Vocino will do :sunglasses: