Halo MCC Release

So, I’m not sure how many of you guys are getting Halo MCC, but I would like to find some Strats buddies to game away with tonight / tomorrow.

I’m a PS4 user, but I picked up an X1 recently for Halo MCC, and with the release coming tonight, I think it’d be great to find out who in Strats will be playing.

My gamertag is Solor403, so add me if you wish.

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I am Xboxless. Also never really liked Halo (I know, I know).

I have a XB1, but Halo was never my game(It’s not my bag, baby). Let me know how it is… My XB1 has been a very expensive Netflix streamer for my daughter, as of late. I might need to pick up a game of two for it. :smirk:

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I’ll totally be on once the game finally gets done with the big update. Gamertag: Vanargand0

Just got my XB for the MCC as well.

Ahhh, reunited with my beloved Halo 2 after so many years. That ingame friends list is too empty and no friends with campaign completion makes all the time attack modes show the top of the leaderboard :frowning:

My gamertag is BeebusLentus

I seen @McNickles in mumble the other day. I’m pretty sure he is playing this on XB1.

I started some of the campaign for Halo CE… it’s so great, so much nostalgia.

Fuck yeah McNickles is playing Halo.
I mean… I haven’t played much lately. Waiting for them to fix it so I don’t sit in queues for hella days.
But yeah. Add me on XB1, GT: NyQuil4


Alright awesome! Currently I’m in the middle of a move and need to get internet moved around / XboxOne back up and running, but I’ll be sure to add you. I’m desperately waiting for MCC matchmaking to be fixed, but in the meantime, would love a Co-op partner for the campaigns.

If you get to it before me, my GT is Solor403