Happy Thanksgiving! (in the United States...) What makes you thankful today?


This may be a little late, but what are you thankful for today?


I’m actually thankful for finding Strats and being a part of an awesome group!

“Came for the games, stayed for the people!”


I am thankful for a second chance in life to get an education, because if I didn’t do it I’d still be waxing floors on the night shift.

I’m also thankful for Strats, because if it wasn’t for them I’d be playing games by myself.


Thankful I got lucky and wound up in the job I have, with a good company that has a good handle on ethics.
That I’m fairly settled in a house in a relatively quiet area.
That I have family around.
That there are places on the Internet where vitriol and venom tend to be frowned on.


I’m thankful to be almost finished college. I’m also thankful to have found a great group of people to play with.


I’m thankful I found a beautiful gamer wife that’s willing to put up with me. Also that this whole Strats thing has grown from trying to fulfill a personal need of having cool people to play games with to helping so many others do the same.


We’re not going back far enough! I’m thankful that Nintendo released the NES console in 1985, effectively saving the US from the gaming crash of 1983-1985! If it wasn’t for Nintendo pulling us out of the crash we most likely wouldn’t have gaming as we know it today or Strats! :wink:


i am thankful for my family…and for all of you fellow gamers at Strats…it is nice to have a place where you can be yourself and enjoy gaming with good folks. cheers


41 years of marriage to a fantastic lady.
12 grandchildren
My 3 sons and their wives.
The privelege of freedom we have in the US.
And a great group of new friends here.


A tolerant gamer-wife, our health and family, and you lot; here’s to many more years of kicking ass and taking names :wink: