Hard Loss, But Big Gain



Hello, it’s energy from the CS:GO Competitive team and this is my first real forum post. I hope to be more engaged into the forum world.

So most of you might not follow our team but those who do know that we had our first loss today. Even though this was our first loss, we feel that we have learned a lot from this. This game was not in the ordinary, during this game we realized our potential. We realized that together as a team we are unstoppable once we get to know each other. We learned a lot from this loss.

Going into this game we knew that it would be tough, we knew that we had to be very prepared for this match. Although we were prepared for this match, we weren’t prepared enough. That was an excellent game by our selves and the other team.

We hope that you guys follow the CS:GO team more and cheer for us during our games! Coming from the whole CS:GO team, your support helps a lot!

And after the game, our last words to this team was… “See you in play-offs”

Thank you guys very much for the support,

  • StratsCo energy


Aww yeah, nice to hear- you guys are the best. (و•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
Glhf on Thursday, can’t wait to watch!


Loving the follow up post Energy. I’ve actually watched your past 4 games now, and I’ve been pretty impressed with what you guys bring to the table. The games are extremely fun to watch because of your strats.

However, I personally think it would be good discussion if you and the other players could elaborate to us on what went wrong and what went right during this match. I think a post like that could prove beneficial for you guys, the team, and us, the viewers/fellow strats. A bit of assurance that in fact you guys are learning.

This is of course optional, just a suggestion. You guys are Strat’s first esports team, so things like that would be pretty interesting to read/watch. Most of it is probably just simple details, but even so, would bring good discussion.

Congrats on the good record, and looking forward to your next games.


The only real loss is one you don’t learn from.



And gl next game.

And if you didn’t know already @Dynamible is Strat’s Confucius :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: : – or the anti- Vince Lombardi


great post and i have to say i’m extremely impressed by the attitude of you CS:GO guys. The way you guys are all talking about how much you learn from losses, etc…it’s very mature and great to see here in this community.

btw, is there any way i can see a replay of any of the previous matches? are there any Strats VODs or anything? I had a late meeting last night and wasn’t able to watch anything live.


Should be able to view them here - http://www.twitch.tv/stratsco/profile/past_broadcasts


yeah, thanks. i did find them and just watched the Rewind game. great game…looking forward to the next one.


No problem. I missed the Rewind match, so I may have to watch it tonight after I get home from work.


I totally agree. Yes, tonight I will talk to my fellow teammates/friends about making a forum all together explaining what went wrong and what went right. We know that most of the community here isn’t fimiliar with Counter-Strike so if we could, we would love for it to be streamed if possible. This will help us explain it. And I think that if all five of us watched the VOD together with the stream and while watching we would make the explanations, I think that would be very community building. Tell me your thoughts, please.
[P.S all of the team has never been apart of forums like this, so excuse us :stuck_out_tongue:]


Sounds like you’re almost looking to review a demo of the match together as a team and collectively talk about the problems and issues you encountered and streaming that. Assuming I’m on point I think that’d be great.


I am guilty of not watching the matches (CS:GO was never my thing) but after reading a post like this. I want to now. This was incredibly well said, and it’s great to see some “faces” to the names we keep hearing about.

Keep up all the great work, and even though it’s not my thing, I’ll be rooting for you guys.


Thank you! Yea, if we can do the stream thing tonight you should stop by. We will be answering any questions you guys have as well as reviewing the game. Also you should join us tomorrow as we take on yet another team. But this time we promise a victory :wink:


I don’t know what the availability of the StratsCo channel looks like (more accurately, if @tommy2118 or @vocino have the time to stream it), but you guys can always stream it on @daywalk’s; people will still turn out, I bet :wink:


Let’s hope i’ll be able to frag out this time around.


looking forward to it. It would be great for us and all of you. And then we get a chance to learn more about cs go.


I’m very intrigued by this, I have a few ideas that I would like to flush out. Do you think everyone from the team would be available tonight? I would be available around 10pm EST tonight.


I think busta might be here, and I don’t know about niluk, but I know that me, gambler, and daywalk will be on for sure.