Hard mode Crota's End loot




I need them all.


That scout rifle and hand cannon. :F


That scout and auto rifle…


Scout Rifle is my jam but I won’t ever get it with my luck. Atheon gave me the sparrow on my first run and then on my second run he gave me the same sparrow and 2 helms. I mean 2 helms! Off the same damn boss! You fail Bungie! You Fail!


If bungie is anything but following a pattern may i suggest not doing the normal raid as no one is sure that hard mode is going to reset anything, basically in vog HM you get double the drops and if you do crota today without waiting for HM than you’ll get half of the HM raid drops you could potentially get.


This is a great point!


Yes good point. If I got 2 raid helmets yesterday off Atheon then you could potentially get 2 HM main hand weps off a boss kill in Crota’s instead of just 1


That would be amazing.


Well, I’m gambling for either the scout rifle or auto rifle. Om nom nom.


I just pulled Oversoul’s Edict today on a hard mode run. Pretty cool gun! Got me some raid boots on the same run. We are at the Crota checkpoint, so maybe some more goodies soon.