Hard mode Crota's End Run

Join us

Tonight we go after Crota on the newly released hardmode. Expect a hard time and make sure to do your homework :wink:


  1. Level 32
  2. Maxed weapons
  3. CE knowledge
  4. Be okay with failing, many times

Group One

Tonight at 8:30 PM EST

  1. @Dynamible
  2. @spredhed
  3. @James_Eilers
  4. @iBoomstiik
  5. @NevoSamara
  6. @Vanargand
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Why do you guys keep taking @Dynamible, he spends half the fights dead… :slight_smile:

Got deathsinger CP with Qwxie and Nevo. Easy to cheese up to. Ready for Crota. Myself and Qwxie got raid Primaries… May RNGesus be in your favor.

Edit: Don’t mind resetting and going in legit though. Just thought it would be helpful to save some time.

I would like a shot at the weapons.

sounds good. i can cheese the first part again. noooo big deal

and its 7 minutes till. WHERE IS EVERYONE!!!

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Sorry guys, I totally have life in the way of everything for the next half a week or so. (Moving into my own place). Sorry I didn’t see this sooner or I’d have told you guys to replace me for this run.

S’all good. Everyone needs to take a look at this strat. Only problem is we would need another titan or a new sword bearer. But easy either way.

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No problem man. Sorry you had to miss out, but life comes first :wink:

Sounds like Friday night to me.

Well I think a few of us were going to try again tonight. Idk what’s going on. I just wanna down this bastard.

That strat looks awesome

Agreed. Super fast. We just need a titan that’s willing to jump up there to block the boomers and it’s gg. Because I think anyone can use the sword, most of us have experience doing it.