Hard Mode is upon us (32 role call)

Hard mode drops next Wednesday. I think we need to come together as a clan and crush Crota on Wednesday night. I have also seen some posts on reddit of other clans recruiting for HM. We might want to do the same.

Also, how many 32’s do we have now? I’ll doublle check my math but my hunter should be 32 this week.

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Great idea! I want the new loot. I have a 32.

I have 2 32’s. #CrotaHMHype

I can have a 32 when I need to. I have added info about the HM in the recruitment post but I need help to figure out how to do the link correctly. @Dynamible

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Who are you going to have hit 32 first? My Titan was my first character but it looks like my Hunter will hit 32 first.

My Stats are best on my Hunter, then Titan, then Lock so basically reverse order of creation

I’ve got a 32 lock as well :smiley:

Did you guys hit 32 by trading in energy for shards? I still have less than 30 radiant shards, which means at least four weeks of raiding still before I’d have enough to be 32.

I got Eris to level four just for that purpose.

My plan is to turn my energy into shards for lvl 32

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I had just about all the shards I needed, converted only 2 energies to shards

Shhiiitttt… I’m like 7 shards short, still need to get the first chest on my Titan though. I’ll have to see when I’ll hit Eris rank 4. Worst case I can run part of the normal mode raid on Tuesday.

Should be 32 after I run my alt through it.

I decided that my Hunter will get the 32 treatment. I just need a few more mats so should be 32 tomorrow.

Level 32 has been achieved.

If I farm 13 black wax idols I’ll be 32. Big “if”

Read over some of the initial contact reports. I won’t repost everything here but the crota fight sounds like a major bitch. What time do we want to attempt this tonight?

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how does 8:00 EST sound?

Works for me

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I won’t be home until 830. Please wait for me