Harro....from Canada


Looking for some people to play Battlefield with.

I am in Montreal, Canada, but originally from Toronto.

Also play Ass Creed, The Division, Killzone.

add me on PSN: evil__erik (double underscore).



So much Canada recently! Loving it!

Welcome good sir!


Picturing @Bradum

Moar Canadalanders!

Welcome to the cave, have fun go crazy and…

Unless its friday!

May i ask, where did ya find about Strats.co sir?


Welcome to Strats fellow Canadian! :maple_leaf:

As is customary around here, feel free to grab a :beer:! Heck, you’re Canadian so grab many :beers:! I keep the fridge pretty well stocked and @Ausylon’s hands off of them for the most part.


Welcome to Strats! :1up:


Welcome to Strats!


Either Reddit or the Battlefield forums. I cant remember…


Haha nice! See you on the battlefield!


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:

Also, you might want to toss your ID over on the official PSN listing :wink:

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