Has the hero-shooter hype died already?



Tonight during Strats Weekly, @Auth suggested that the playable version of Overwatch has yet to attain the level of hype that the Strats community had for it during the later months of 2015. There has also been questions about Battleborn, another title soon to be released in the blossoming hero-shooter genre.

Now that both of these games are about 4-6 weeks from release, maybe it’s time to get the hype train rolling again!

First up is Battleborn. In true Borderlands fashion, this game is expected to be full of (possibly offensive to some) humor. The environments are colorful and the characters are just as colorful in every way.

Battleborn will offer solo and co-op PvE. You can level-up all 25 of the characters available at launch with more to be released later. All characters will be free. There is a season pass offered but I believe it will only contain new PvE content.

PvP options will include a MOBA-style where you have to push your minions and feed them to an incinerator to appease the “robot god”. There is also a single-lane type map and I believe a king-of-the-hill mode.

Battleborn has a $60 USD price tag. The season pass is priced at $20 or if you buy the bundle you get everything for $75. That doesn’t sound too bad.

Next up is Overwatch. I assume most everyone is familiar with this game on some level. It will be team-based PvP only, similar to Team Fortress 2. In true Blizzard style they have begun to release movies for the game.

If these movies don’t give you the feels then you are dead inside. I will say they did a great job of using all the characters’ in-game skills during the videos.

The base Overwatch game is offered for $40 on PC only, or you can buy the collector’s edition for $60 which also gets you a few extra skins, the Tracer character in Heroes of the Storm, a Winston pet in Wowcraft, some Starcraft portraits, and Mercy’s wings for your Diablo character. You can only get the $60 version on consoles.

If you’re still undecided about either of these games or if your hype is running low, be aware that both games will be offering open betas. Battleborn open beta begins April 8 for PS4 and April 13 for PC and XB1. Overwatch is having an all-access open beta period from May 5-9.


They would do it during finals week QQ


I will definitely be trying the betas for both games. Although I did buy Overwatch.


I think for me it’s the insanity of choosing which one do I want to get; I don’t have the time or money to play them all, so making the right choice is so much pressure.


The right choice is BDO…how is that even a question…


Choosing the right game would be difficult because both games seem to be easily accessible. Even during this beta period I’ve never waited longer than 2 minutes to find a match in Overwatch. Just so you don’t get bored while waiting you are put into a “skirmish mode” with others waiting for a match where you can run around the maps with any character and mindlessly shoot everyone.

And Overwatch matches are relatively short. Yesterday I had a great team who completed a game in about 2:45. I don’t think the match can last longer than 15 minutes unless you’re stuck in overtime.

However, Battleborn does provide the option for single-player action. It’s nothing like Borderlands but you can play thru the story with all 25 characters, leveling them up.

I hope this beta period for Battleborn is a big hit for the game. Their forums are full of questions and concerns and of course lots of comparisons to Overwatch.


Thanks for posting this @teh_ninjaneer

I was thinking about drumming up something just like this today. Honestly, I’m surprised there hasn’t been much talk about either one of these games around here lately… I’ve been hyped for awhile on both of these, personally.

I know we have The Division and Black Desert Online overshadowing Strats gaming, and that might be the major reason why there hasn’t been much talk.


I think Overwatch does not add anything new besides the Blizzard style. In the other hand i really want for Battleborn to do good. The game seems like fun and something you will spend quite the time. Will be trying the beta this weekend on PC and PS4.

Saw a video someone posted on Discord and the boss battles seems like they will be pretty good fun!


PRE-LOAD DATE: Rev up those consoles and computers: pre-load begins for all platforms on April 6th.

PS4 – 5pm PST (12am UTC)
PC – 10 am PST (5pm UTC)
Xbox One – 5pm PST (12am UTC)


I have seen many Overwatch streams, and it is not for me. Not knocking it, but I have other options if I want a straight PvP game without spending money. I will probably try out the Battleborn on PS4.


To what games would you compare Overwatch?


From my personal inventory, some of the smaller maps and game types for Star Wars Battlefront, Crucible for Destiny, Blacklight Retribution. Those games might not have the fancy style of Overwatch, but they’re still quick moving straight up PvP, with objectives sometimes.


I’ve been saying for a while that battleborn will flop. Not because it sucks, but for other factors. I don’t think its even on the radar for casual gamers. I think paragon is making some strides just because of how they decided to release it. I think overwatch will be fine because its blizzard. At least on PC.


Why do you think Battleborn will flop? It’s marketing that Gearbox isn’t very good at and honestly, Borderlands 1 was not marketed and look how that turned out… Mind going into detail why you think it will flop?


Its what I’ve been hearing from some industry folk. And yea, marketing. No casual player even know wtf it is. Gameplay looks amazing. I watched that video posted in discord as well. The mechanics seem cool as hell. It will flop. When is the release date for it?