Hasla Farming

Hello all.
As more guild members are reaching lvl 50, more of us are beginning to farm Hasla for the tokens we need to get our weapons. (For more information on that, see the “Gearing Up” section of this post.)

I would like to try a more organized approach at how the guild has been farming Hasla Tokens.
This approach includes assigning each member of the party a role to play while farming.

The idea is to get 10 or more people together forming a raid group with at least 2 parties.

The parties will consist of:

  • 1 Healer (Someone with enough healing skills and healing power to sustain their group)
  • 1 Peeler (Someone with a good deal of CC to hang back and protect the healer)
  • 3 Death Dealers (It will be the job of these 3 to tag and kill mobs, as well as killing any enemy players who try to attack us or move in on our territory)

I feel that this level of organization will give us an edge against others farming in the area who may attack us. With more and more people hitting lvl 50, Hasla will only become more aggressive in the near future.

The other half of this idea would be to do it regularly, perhaps once or twice a week on a day that we can all get together. So please suggest a day of the week and general time of day that you might be available to do some regularly scheduled killing in Hasla.

I can farm tuesdays & thursday-saturday other then that i have school.

Usually 8-9pm my time is when I’m online. Depends if I’m working.

I can go anytime, if I’m on