Have @StratsCo announce that you are live on Twitch

You may have noticed that our friendly StratsCo Twitter Bot has been announcing live streamers. Here’s the simple criteria to make that happen for you (subject to change).

  • Source account must be following @stratsco
  • Connect your Twitch channel to your Twitter account and set it to automatically tweet when you go live
  • Be a member of the Strats Twitch Team
  • Include #teamstrats in the title of your stream

That’s it. Easy, right? I’m working on more functionality soon.

Note that a check is performed every 10 minutes so you may not see a tweet mentioning you go out immediately.


This is so awesome! I’ll definitely be using it tomorrow when I go live.

Cool, let me know if you have any feedback. I’d like to introduce some more intelligence to it. Maybe with the Twitch API.

Wish I had known this this morning when I streamed for 5 hours lol.

I also need to make a twitter now… hmm.

Well one of the benefits of being associated with a team is that when anyone streams you are sharing in some promotion and everyone wins.

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That’s true. Definitely will be trying to advertise more though.

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Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Thanks brother.

Very slick. Great work. :smiley:

The process was seamless! It worked perfectly for me today. I love this feature.


Dammit @Vocino you’re gonna make me break my unspoken vow to never have a twitter lol.

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whispers: Do itttttttttttt …


In my opinion, if you’re going to take streaming seriously you kind of have to represent yourself on Twitter.


Honestly brother I never really looked at twitter even when it came out, so I don’t know much of its potential.

I have met all the requirements and have been streaming for about 45 minutes and it’s not working for me. Any thoughts?

I see nothing from you here: https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=%23teamstrats%20"twitch.tv"%20-from%3Astratsco%20-rt&src=typd

We got him squared away…It was twitch’s fault, not reporting the right info to twitter. Fixed now.


I was added, but my stream this morning didn’t get tweeted. I thought that was automatic.

@shane, did you put #TeamStrats in your Twitch headline?

If so, it should automatically tweet whenever you go live! :smile: