Have yet to do VoG this week. Looking for anyone interested for some time tomorrow - Maybe tonight?

If we do the VoG tonight, I’ll be gaming with my friend who’s still level 24, so if he’s up for it, I’m going to try and get him up to lvl 26 at least.

Assuming not tonight, I’m looking for some help for the VoG tomorrow sometime. I’m pretty flexible on times.

Previously I’ve worked with @Brutonium, @Nubhugs, @DanceBurgerDance, @Ataraxx13 on the VoG, and I think we worked fairly well. You’re all welcome to the team, but I assume not everyone is looking to do the VoG again, and as such I’m just tossing this out there to see who is interested.

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I’m down to help out with whatever you need.

I could help out tonight if you do it. Did vog for the first time earlier this week but did not finish the last boss, got a good idea about the mechanics tho. Lvl 28 striker/defender titan.

I havent done the raid yet this week…and would love to help out and get some experience!! put my name down if there is a spot open and please let me know a time for this …thanks :smile:

lvl 28 striker titan

My bad, definitely need to keep the forum up, so I can see these. If you ever need my help or want me to come along, just send me a message asking whatever. I’m 80% down to help :smiley:

No worries, we managed it last night with some added help from @Sw1shaaSweet and @SkullKontrol