Have you ever made a decision in a video game, pre-designed or not, that made you guilty enough to quit?


Due to the nature of this question, answers container spoiler of games being discussed. Please read at your own risk.


I played the wrong card in Hearthstone once.

Not really. And no, I don’t think I have ever quit over that. Generally if the game allows for life-altering decisions like that I just go with it. In life, it’s not like I can load a previous save.


Can’t say it forced me to quit, but some of my mistakes/actions in Fable had me a little upset. I have a thing about being honourable in RPG style games, so it hurt my feelings somewhat to hear the villagers call me out.


There’s been a few times when I’ve quit and reloaded because like @lyteforce I usually play an honorable player character in rpgs . I didn’t redo because I wanted a better outcome but because when I chose option “Walk away from Zoe” or something similar, it wasn’t worded like it was a dishonorable choice but once you chose it, it was “You abandoned the Zoe to die on the streets alone” or some such garbage that was in no way readable from the context given.


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Thanks Wolf Man :wink:


@JRWarlord is the exact opposite of this; dude never reverts to saves and presses forward in RPG’s regardless. Great example: he’s missing a few legendary Pokemon from his National Pokedex because he accidentally knocked them out instead of catching them, and refused to try again because they’re legendaries, and it’s supposed to be a once-in-a-lieftime chance. #2hardcore4me