Have you seen this yet?




Oh shit.


Welp, it’s as good a time as any to bring this back out.


That password should be your master for the password manager you use to generate passwords like this: U3vNrasA2%4zHiA96ER2X2MbD>mu{Zc7ivmG

If you use the same password for everything, you’re trusting any one system’s security with all your shit everywhere.


I don’t trust password managers other than my brain.

:scream_cat: Dat paranoia :scream_cat:

I used a password algorithm to generate mine. That is, I apply a formula (well, I choose between 3 to be exact) to websites I visit/have an account on. All I have to remember/figure out is which formula I applied to any given website without having to memorize any actual passwords. Since all websites are different, all my passwords are different. Effectively the same outcome but with more effort on my part :smiley:


So I wouldn’t be able to figure it out based on having one or two of your passwords?

(And by “I” I mean machine learning of course)


Only if you recognized there was a formula, sorted it out (varying degrees of difficulty depending on the importance of the account) and found another site where I applied said formula instead of one of my others.

Be nice, webmaster/AI :wink:


LMFAO I literally use the same password for everything.
I guess I’m fucked.