Having trouble getting started building a PC?


Is one of the greatest sites for people to use in building their first PC, heck it is nice for veterans too.

The site just got a massive facelift as well!

The site does all the heavy lifting of building your first PC. It determines what will and will not work seamlessly.

What does this mean? It won’t allow you to put that brand new 900 dollar intel CPU into a motherboard that will only accept AMD.

The site is also amazing for building on a budget. You can price out a build for VERY cheap (100-300 dollars), will it run crysis on ultra? maybe not…but you will certainly get use from it.

I know that I have used it to price out a few builds before and I can only say great things about it.


Love the site. I tend to pop on there just to screw around and see what I could build. Far to often it leads me to buying parts though. I have 2 SSD"s sitting on my desk just collecting dust, never opened. I plan on building a file server, but haven’t made it that far yet, lmao.

Oh thank god, I thought I was alone…

I “built” a couple 10,000 dollar rigs for giggles a while back. Tri-SLI titans? SURE! 2-4k monitors? Yep!

Now if only i could convince my wife to let me get a personal loan for my computer.

:1up: for pcpartpicker. Used it for years and love it. The redesign is nice, I hadn’t seen that yet.

Here’s another great site: http://www.logicalincrements.com

That’s a pretty cool site, may have to use that for building other people’s computers do I don’t have to do any leg work.


I don’t like the look of it though and as we all know, appearance is everything.

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Experience is everything. I will teach you kids product design yet.

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