Headset for PS4


Can anybody tell me if these will work with a PS4?
Logitech G430 USB Connector Circumaural Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Need someone to help test on PS4 (5 min of your time)

They will “work” however you will not have the 7.1 surround sound functions as it is software driven.


My internet searching says that the USB connector does work, but only has stereo sound. They do not produce surround sound.


I use this headset
They are amazingly comfortable as the shape fits perfectly over the ears. Zero discomfort
I dont have the game sound coming through the headset anyway so 7.1 sound is useless to me
If you are using a headset you are looking to be in a party
To get full effect of the 7.1 sound you would have to put the game sound up
I would rather be able to clearly hear my party
Not to mention the price is great on these


It will work as others have said, and it will only do stereo. I know the G930 are super quiet on PS4, but I’m not sure if that’s something that extends through the entire product line. My wife actually has that headset; I’ll borrow it from her later tonight, test it on the PS4, and let you know how it goes :wink:

Edit: @Wheatums, I wasn’t able to get anyone in a party chat, but I did test it with in-game chat using TLoU:Re and everything seems to work just fine. Volume levels were great and the mic seems to be good as well (nobody on my team complained about it while we were chatting ;))


Well hell yeah, this is the headset I use with my PC and I have a PS4 coming via UPS this Wednesday. So, excite!! Now I don’t have to drop even more money into a com system!!! Also, thanks everyone for lookin out!!


One of us, one of us! :wink: