Healer/Crafter Yazi



Good afternoon. I am a 36 year old web developer from Florida. I have been playing games as long as I can remember, from Intellivision to PS4. Always been a big fan of MMOs since UO back in 97/98. I have played UO, Shadowbane, Aion, Warhammer and Warcraft as far as MMOs go and while I have been a try-hard in the past I am looking for a slightly more casual feel this time around (although I am a min/max’r so we will see how causal I can keep my playtime :)). I enjoy playing dedicated healer roles and I am really excited to master all of the crafting aspects in Albion. See you all on Monday.


Welcome to the Dark side brother, what part of Florida are you in? I’m from Miami myself, but living in Virginia now.


I’m over here in sunny Clearwater.


Ah Clearwater is a nice area, awesome man. :slight_smile:


Is there anywhere you would recommend that I go to read up on how to get a good jump start in Albion.


You can hop over to the subcategory of Albion here on the forums, and scroll down towards the bottom there’s a few guides that I’ve put up to give information about the game. Also the legitimate Albion Online forums have quite a bit of info. You can also check out my Youtube to see some gameplay from the last alpha.


Watching your YT now. How is everyone going to meet up on launch? How will we coordinate what we need for buildings/islands/etc


That’s what the forums and mumble is for. Everyone starts in the same starting area, so there’s not rushing around trying to find each other.


Glad to have you join us!


Welcome to the Strats family @Yazi, I hope you’ll have fun =^-^=

##Welcome Yazi


Welcome to family


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Good luck staying as casual as you can. Let us know if you have any issues or questions :wink:


Thanks all! Cant wait to start.

After watching more videos I think I am just going to rush fabric/wood/staves so get great healer gear.

For those who have played, let me know if you think there is something else to check out.

Also, is there a version of the destiny board anywhere to checkout ahead of time?


Not really but I did do a good write up on the Destiny Board.


It looks like I will just be rushing tier 3 in the key categories and then I cant start to branch out a little if needed. Thanks for all the help Driz


Anytime brother :slight_smile:


Wow this guild is full of Floridians, I am from Miami and live now in NC! Welcome Yazi!


Welcome to Strats! What do you play on PS4?


Not a ton at the moment. Some COD, WatchDogs, FIFA, Diablo


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