Healer Recruitment for Weekend Raids



If you are willing to go healer for weekend raids please post here.

Don’t know if you will be a good healer.
Well if you’re under level 50, pick up a resto staff as your alt and come to town cause you’re qualified.

The goal of this thread is to get at least TEN regular healers that can pair with one of our high level DPS or TANK members. Other jobs will come later once we get our numbers up so that we can specifically define each healer’s unique job.

I know last night I really only saw Vocino hookin and jabbin with his resto staff, this is not enough when our guild is pretty much leading a 50 man reddit raid.


Also keep in mind you only really need the first 2 skills in resto staff to help. You don’t even need to morph them if you don’t want to (but it helps). So it’s a 2-4 skill point investment that can turn the tides of a battle.


I will be almost full time healing until we have enough healers


Awesome, that’s three of us so far!!!


I have mad heals. Sorry I was stuck in the real world last night.


Real Life™ comes first.


Is that the new expansion for the original MMO, WoW?


It’s the addon that lets you instantly win any MMO.


What? You don’t know!?! What a scrub :wink:
[EDIT] OH, and that’s four!!! [EDIT]


Will have a healer templar to vr1 by saturday/sunday.

I can dump 46 hours into if I don’t do anything but grind.


See, now that’s dedication!!! We got FIVE!!!


I’m mainly a healer, only level 38 currently, but when i’m higher i’m willing to be in raids.


We need healers in pvp now at any level.


I am always up to heal.


I’m fine going in whenever.


I’ll be vr soon!!!


I’ll be running resto on my 2nd bar.


I will most likely be going healer in pvp. Sign me up :slight_smile: Only lvl 15 atm but I’m working on it.


You’r on!!


I’ve got a healer but he’s on Ebonheart unfortunately. After I get my AD Nightblade 50 I’ll level up a Templar to heal with.