Hearthstone anyone?


Any hearthstone players?!

Leave your battletag if you do.

Mine is kdmaam#1546




I am terrible at it, but i enjoy it for sure.



i am not great either but i have a lot of cards. I have been playing since closed beta.


any how…how do you guys feel about the changes coming?! I am hyped and confused hehe.


I think it will be nice to have a standard ranked game type…it was a little confused though. In the new standard mode, you do or don’t have access to all the cards? Knowing blizzard you prob don’t have access to them all they just limit which cards you can use.


Yeah you will only be able to use cards from the last 2 years + classic + basic sets.


I don’t get why they want to keep classic tho. And is it kinda hard to lose all my other cards.


I recomend you follow this guy and watch this video. He is a great source of HS news and tips. On that video he talks about the changes.

I am sad about the mechs going away but i do like that i won’t have to worry about Dr. Balance again. Him and Tyrion are the only legendaries i have ever needed to create.


The Hearthstone system is being changed to work like Magic: The Gathering and other popular card games. You can only use base/core sets and expansions from recent years.

Some of the cards in the Naxxramas adventure, for example, are just too powerful. They are staples in many decks and overshadow cards from Grand Tournament. Once Naxx is no longer available, people will have to choose the lesser used cards from Grand Tournament.

Classic needs to be kept because there still needs to be a base set of cards. If they ever release a classic 2.0 or some other name then they can retire the classic set.


But how do you feel about a “classic 2.0”? Because investing in classic looks like the safest bet right now. Everything else will go away eventually.MTG releases a new core set every year and reprints cards. Blizzard will not reprint cards.


It depends on which type you want to play. You can play Wild and still have access to all your cards just as you do now.

If you only want to play the new Standard mode, I guess you will always have the option to disenchant your cards as they are retired. That’s something you can’t do with the cards you purchase in MtG.

Investing in the classic set has always been the safest bet once you buy a certain number of packs in each expansion. There’s no sense buying GvG packs, hoping to get that Dr. Boom, if you already own most of the cards from the set. Just craft the card.

And how do you know cards won’t be “reprinted” in Hearthstone?



The key word in there is currently.

However, even if they don’t do reprints, the new Standard mode is a good way to ensure that the classic cards stay relevant.




Ben Brode confirmed re-prints are a possibility even for the new expasion.



I’m happy they are moving toward this format. Despite cries of greed from the naysayers it does in fact help keep the game fresh and moving forward. Magic has shown us this for what 20+ years and it’s still doing fairly well. (I been out of the Magic circle for a loooong time)

As far as reprints go even if they do a direct reprint they could always reprint the same cost and stats of a card under a different name. That’s pretty much an industry standard for not doing reprints but still do reprints.