Hearthstone now available for mobile


I’ve been traveling a lot for work so this was a very welcome surprise. I haven’t played since it first came out (tablet only back then), but I can definitely kill some time with this at the airport.

BONUS: Offline game I was playing on the road that I’d recommend: Battleheart Legends


Goodbye productivity!


I downloaded this today, It seemed to run pretty slow on my S4 at first but it was unpacking. I’ll try a match later on it to see how smooth things run. If this is a good experience I will most likely be getting back into HS…


The addiction continues.


Truer words were never spoken. It’s almost unfair for them make it so easily accessible. At least on the PC I could talk myself out of it while in the launcher. lol


This new joke is going to drive me insane.


You memester you. I’ve done it like… twice… Besides, what are friends for if not to drive you insane with stupidity and internet memes?


How much space does it take up?


1.55 gb


Oh jeez


What is this? GTA V?


Maybe a car in GTA 5


it ran decently on my S4. it wasn’t smooth gameplay, but it worked. I was afraid of input lag, and the game misjudging my moves.

I have been looking forward to this tho, and I’m glad it happened. The design and style works great with phones.the sound is good, the art is good. I’m pretty satisfied.

I just wished my phone was a little bit faster to make the whole experience more smooth.

also, my phone got really hot whilst in my hands.


I think it was 600 mb on my phone if that helps. pretty sure it’s different for every device


1.0 GB on my iPhone 6


Well… I have a four hour car ride coming up. I know exactly what I will be doing :smile:


Hopefully you’re not driving.


Party pooper.

Edit: sidenote my download was 600mb as well.


Man what the hell. Why was my download so big?! UNINSTALLED.


Thankfully I’m passenger for this one!