Hearthstone Update 9.1



The newest update for Hearthstone has been annouced and for me I have to say that while some of these nerfs are alright (execpt for war axe what the hell Blizzard) they come at the wrong time.

Cards Nerfed

  • Innervate is now just a coin and I think this is one good nerf as almost all Druids run and for those who have played hearthstone can attest that if has been Druidstone these past few weeks. But I feel this misses the one problem though it hardly effects Jade Druid which is the best deck in the game currently and besides the occasional Shulking Geist there are few counters to it when they get running and the innervate nerf only slows it down not but not enough to keep it from being the best deck in the game.

  • Fiery War Axe nerf essentially destroys any early game moves from Warrior and while a nerf might of been in order to help stop Pirate Warrior is devastates the early options for control and quest warrior who are down a necessary 2 drop and gain another 3 drop that they are over saturated in. I would of much preferred it being only able to attack minions but I guess me and every control warrior players will enjoy the corner we cry in.

  • Hex is now one mana higher at a 4 drop, not sure to make of this change as I guess blizzard is making Shaman have trouble removing big minions but I think its poorly timed as Shaman has seen very little play.

  • Murloc Warleader now doesn’t give a health buff and this may of have killed Murloc Paladin as its much easier to remove their board. But again this comes at a bad time as Mid-Range/Murloc Paladin has a decent win rate against Jade and without Jade loses one of the few match up it has trouble with.

  • Spreading Plague also is getting a Mana increase up to 6 and this does stop it from being played earlier to stall as Jade Druids bring out its Jade idols but again I feel it didn’t really need the nerf as there are far more common Druid Cards for the Nerf.

General Thoughts

While I think some of these nerfs were necesary I feel they were poorly planned and timed as several nerfs take out Jade Druid the best deck in the game counters such as Pirate Warrior and Mid Range Paladin so the Age of Jade is still in session. I feel Blizzard didn’t do their homework enough as several fringe decks such as control warrior or Shaman will be much worst off down the road and will have trouble remaining viable. But again these are all my opinion feel free to comment or not, now I have something to do…

firery war axe nerf


Sounds like Priest might be on top now.

I’m ok with this.


I believe its consider the 2nd best after Druid so probably, Jade is still going to be a pain for you though.