[Hearthstone] Whispers of the RNG Gods



Greetings travelers!

So lots of news in the last 2 weeks but i am sure that if you are a HS player you have been all over it as i have. Important nerfts, the introduction of the Standard format, and a big expansion to top it off . All around fun, fun and more fun.

IMO, all nerfs were very close to on point. Except for Blade Flurry. I think increasing the cost was too much. Rogues need that board clear. I believe they did it to open room to cards like Dark Iron Skulker and similar future cards. Still! FeelsBadMan.

The introduction of Standard is definitely the best thing because it is what will keep the game fresh and fun. The exit of GvG and Nax went out with a Boom! (see what i did there? :sunglasses: ). And it should slow the game a little bit.

Whispers of the Old Gods has brought many fun additions. Most people are just playing C’Thun and fueling old archetypes. I have been playing a Reno + C’Thun Warrior and a Totem Evolve Shaman. The warrior has been fun and the shaman seems too op. I will try to do a Patron Yogg Warrior later today, may be even a Casino Yogg Mage because why not?! Heh.

So what did you disagree with about the nerfs?!
Have you played Standard? Wild?
What new decks have you made or are excited to make?
How many packs have you opened?!


I opened my 53 Whispers packs yesterday. Haven’t bothered to craft a deck yet but I want to do something Priest or Paladin. Likely a C’Thun deck with the priest and probably bring the murlocs with the paladin.


I started playing again last night. I opened like ten packs and got one purple. I’m so out of touch. Lol


I played a few matches with a standard Hunter deck last night, so never really saw a whole lot happen. Granted, one dude had C’Thun up to 20/20 where ever C’Thun happened to be…


C’Thun is kinda unreliable and on top of bit not enough most of the time. But it sure keeps you begging for it to not show up on the opposite side of the board lol.

Yesterday on my wife’s account that doesn’t have many cards i made a standard priest deck that basically just controls and steals cards from the oponent. I managed to steal a 18/18 C’Thung my opponent had in his hand. Still lost but that was fun i even got to play mine right before he played his 25/25 on an empty board.


I feel like I make stuff happen, but maybe I’m playing scrubs.


I’m a scrub. Have you played me? :wink: