Heavy DPS Gear

So I figured I’d make a post talk quick and see if anyone needs heavy armor DPS gear. I can make BiS for most slots for engineer and warrior. I’m going to make a set tomorrow for Voros and wanted to see if anyone else needed it.

P.S. Its Free!

Definitely could use some. Haven’t had one purple drop go my way.


Thanks again Rellek.
I think for warrior, brutality is still the main stat to stack up, yet still have a goal to get a strikethrough rating of about 9% without buffs. But obviously I defer to your expertise, most of my theory is from Shunn, his link is below just for reference if anyone needs.


Most items I craft for level fifty’s I go max main stat (125) plus another assault stat (strike through or finesse). Generally I can provide really strong stats in both without saccing too much. Also epochus helms will give 125 main stat plus concentration special. Rune slots is the toughest part

Sent! Let me know if anyone else needs anything!

That armor set was awesome!!
And thanks for the sword. Greatly appreciated.