Heist Team Awesome Finish



I would love to finish the Hiest with @Screamowaffles, @Auth, and DJ. When would you guys be down to finish? I also hope that none of you have played the heist with someone else because that will reset the bonus that will give us all 1,000,000 bucks…


I’m game. I don’t know if waffles went on without us or not, but I’m all about the $$$. That said, my schedule is shot pretty bad the first part of this week; I’m not likely to have time until the Boss Session to play GTA 5 (and that’s assuming I’m done with my online class’ midterm, which is due Thursday). After that, however, I should have more time moving into the end of the week and weekend; what’s everyone else’s schedule looking like?

Name change request: Heist Team Awesome :wink:


Does anyone know DJ’s Strats name? Also request granted!


put me down as an alternate if you would please…i started the chain with waffles then my interwebs got d/c’d and you guys joined and i am still on the 2nd part.


The trouble with alternates for the challenge we’re talking about going for is you reset everyone’s progress on it if you sub players out; you literally have to do them all with the exact same team.


I’m actually scared that someone has already done something without the group. :frowning:


I started the heist with waffles so if she has advanced at all…as in doing the part with you guys…then the bonus is out the window anyway.

I was in the original group when it started…so when you guys did the second part of the heist the bonus went away.


like i said i started with Waffles and we completed part of the heist…if you guys joined after i got dc’d then you guys were the subs.


You keep saying the second part; what are you referring to: the 2-man heist or the first 4-man heist, “Prison Break,” or one of the steps in the Prison Break heist? The 2-man heist doesn’t count towards the challenge. On Wednesday the 4 of us started from scratch on Prison Break and ran it to completion as a group, which has set the 4 of us on record for the challenge, assuming none of the others have been heisting without us. Thus, at this point, you’d be the sub that would break the streak for everyone.


If they did then we just have to either start over or form a fresh group


i did the 2 person with waffles…then started to form group for second then i got dc’d. It is what it is…ill have to find 3 more people that havent started them yet.


Djspectre = spectrum21


I haven’t played since we did last week, I’ve been busy working and watching March Madness. I’ll be around and available Tue & Wed night of this week if you all want to play again. I’ve been wanting to get back into it. Unfortunately I’ll be out of town all weekend, and not back until next Tuesday.

So as long as Waffles hasn’t been cheating on us, we should still be able to proceed and tackle the heists with Heist Team Awesome!


Rumor has it she has :cry:


So… If she ditched us, then we go me, @auth, @spectrum21, and @Droul? FTW?


We could make a go of it, though my availability is going to be pretty sparse the next couple weeks and I’d understand if you wanted someone more available. I’m staring down a lot of schoolwork (midterm, 2 exams, 3 papers in the next 2 weeks alone).


Well just quit school. I was thinking we get started this week and play done every night.


I mean, if you’re going to support my family I can make that happen; how would you like the expenses tracked?


i am down for this…we could start Wed. and then go from there.


Tues or Wed nights will probably work best for me. Can’t start until after 9p EST on Weds. normally. Probably could start a little earlier like 8p EST on Tuesdays.


I’m ready whenever you guys are. :smile: