Helldivers - co-op craziness


This week Helldivers released on the PS4. It’s a top down Sci Fi four player shooter from the guys that made Magicka. Watched a few streams yesterday, looked like it could be a lot of fun with friends. Is this on anybody’s radar?

Trailer below

Revisiting Helldivers

Yes! I was looking at this as well. It looks like a ton of mindless fun with a group. Reminds me of when we were playing Lara Croft.


you guys are going to get me to overcome my sony boycott yet… sigh


Me too @Vocino. This type of stuff is right up my alley, plus I mean… all about saving that Super Earth.

I just think this would be a really fun stream game at some point. Changeable difficulties, random maps and objectives, constant friendly fire? What’s not to love?


A long long time ago I did a live stream of Magicka and it was pretty damn fun:


This looks awesome, I love the “Travis & Internet Friends” logo. Why is that not a forum emoji?


I can’t wait for Magicka 2

That aside, Helldivers looks awesome, and has been something on my raider since before the PS4 was released.


This looks like a blast. I apologize ahead of time for killing you all accidentally :smile: