Hello a quick introduction


Im 29 years old from germany playing albion since the start of closed beta. Looking for a high tier guild to build. Im playing a mix of 4.2light and t6 heavy plate with 4.2 sinn. (all my gear is near t5.2 right now) I can pretty much craft all my stuff im using. All this can change in openbeta. Gathered 11kk fame to the point right now and be able to get any material to t5 and ore t6. Hope my progress suite the guild in anyway and i can help progressing together. Final


Welcome to Strats! ! !


Welcome to Strats.


Welcome to the community


Welcome to Strats!


Feel free to fire away if you guys have any further questions.


Welcome, friend!


On a scale of “one” to “potato” (where “potato” is equal to “potato” and “one” is equal to “one”) how do you feel the AAA gaming market is doing based on their (lack of) adjustments brought on by the now-mostly-defunct #nopreorder2015 initiative?

Also, welcome to the party; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


I like games that are working if you can preorder it. Anything else is “potato” :smiley:


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