Hello again! I guess a re-introduction is in order?


Hello Everyone old and new, I’ve been gone for what seems like forever, Don’t think any of the founding members remember me. After my daughter turned 1 and school got serious I had to take a break from any gaming related activities. I finally got some relaxation time so I’m back. Woohoo! I’m 28 and live in Central FL. I’m an IT geek and a military tampon. I’m trying to figure out what game to get back into now that I have some time to play again!


Welcome back


Welcome back @Zharick!!


What up @Zharick! Of course I remember you.


Welcome back, friend! My wife and I just had our son and my gaming time definitely took a serious hit. He’s about 5 months old now and we starting to get back to real life. For the most part, we are limited to playing co-op console stuff late at night together though.


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