Hello all Grenzo here looking for a community in GTA V - PS4

As the title states I am looking for a community to join to enjoy the re-release of GTA V. I was in a previous crew when GTA V originally launched but they are PS3 only. I did put in many hours in GTA Online and anxiously awaiting to return to the platform I wanted originally.

Anyways I’m 35 years old, unmarried but in long-term relationship, no kids(no thanks), and am a gamer for life. I’ve been gaming on everything I could get my hands on since I was a kid. I am primarily a PC/PS4 gamer now. I am chill, drama free, and ready to get back into GTA Online on PS4!

Rockstar Social Club Name= Grenzo

I requested an invited through the social club. Cheers.


Welcome aboard brother! I’ll take care of you on the social club. Check out this post to see everything you need to know to get started with our crew.

Hey @Grenzo, welcome to Strats!

You’re in great company. I’m 32, gamer for life as well. Old farts, best farts here.

@tommy2118 is leading the GTAV crew. The main GTA intro post is a great place to start. Check out this post on how to join the crew via the Rockstar Social Club.

Before GTA launches for PS4, you might want to check out the PSN name swap if you’re looking for great people to play with (however, these are technically Destiny players). Rather than go through that whole list, I would recommend just hanging out on the forum and posting (we have an LFG category as well). You will meet some people and grab some games in no time.

Super excited for the GTA PS4 launch!


Dammit, you beat me by about 15 seconds @tommy2118!

…and @Vocino managed to sneak in while I was crediting you. Hell with this, I’m going back to my dinner :wink:

Something something welcome :wink:


Welcome! Can’t wait to do some wheelies together while shooting hookers, of course.:wink:

Hi Grenzo welcome to Strats! It’s great to see more GTA players. This is going to be a hype release! Do you get in to other games?

I sent you the invite on Social Club. Don’t for get to add your name to the roster here. BTW how did you hear about us?


Welcome Grenzo!

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