Hello all, I'm Kedz!


I’ve been known by this name for years. In fact, many friends still refer to me by this name (it’s gotten a few odd looks from my mother and my girlfriend). I’ve been looking for some like-minded friends to play ESO with as I am currently all that is left from my guild. Other games I currently enjoy: BF4, Star Citizen (although still in alpha), Dragon Age: Inquisition, Origins and Pillars of Eternity. I’m highly addicted to Cities Skylines (think of what SimCity 2013 could have been!). For anyone interested in grouping in ESO I’m @kedz54.


Word up Kedz! We’ve been thinking more and more about really hitting up Star Citizen in a big way. Maybe you can help structure the in-game corp.


Hi! Welcome to Strats!


Welcome Kedz! You’ve got some sick titles listed up there, some of which I’ve played, and some that I’ve been very, very interested in (Cities is one of those games!). Looking forward to seeing your presence around the forums.




Welcome aboard, can’t wait to see ya in game!


Welcome to the guild!
Glad to get another active member!


Perhaps! I’ve got me a SuperHornet already. I’m currently eyeing the Redeemer. That could be used as a boarding vessel as seen in the FPS module demo.

What Star Citizen ship should I buy? (yes, this thread again!)

I’ll certainly admit I’m a giant nerd. I’ve got a Star Wars candy dispenser sitting on my desk next to a Yoda bobble-head. I’m a big fan of RPGs, sci-fi games and FPS.


Much respect for that, of course! We love us some nerds here. :smile:

RPG’s are definitely up my alley. I only recently got into sci-fi games (Mass Effect was my first foray into that…still have to beat the other two), and while I’m not a HUGE fan of FPS games, I’ve even found a few of those I enjoy (Dead Island and Borderlands comes to mind).


Welcome! It’s good to have some new blood.


Welcome to the family, hope you have fun! =^_^=


I have a basic Hornet and one of the cheapo ships that gets blown up in 2 hits. I struggle to decide my role in this game. I think I want to explore the galaxy and navigate wormholes, but then the idea of being a crew member on a big ship seems fun.

I thought about buying the big 5-6 man exploration ship (Carrack?).

Maybe I should just be a janitor like Roger Wilco (Space Quest series). Pilot a garbage scow.


Welcome to strats!! If you need anything feel free to ask. :smiley:


Hi, Kedz! Welcome to Strats! :blush:

I’m a huge lover of Dragon Age: Inquisition. I easily sank 90+ hours into it.

@kedz54, how are you liking Pillars of Eternity so far? My guy was salivating over it recently.


Welcome to the Dark side Kedz




Welcome aboard; let us know if you have any questions or run into any problems :wink:


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