Hello all! I'm Sarathil


I joined Strats mostly to find a clan to game with for destiny on the PS4. I’m a 26 year old male who lives in the beautiful pacific northwest. I am also a young professional so I mostly game for a couple hours a night at most during the week and try to get most of my gaming time in during the early morning on the weekend or late at night.

I would consider myself a pretty avid gamer. Some of the games that I am currently playing are League of Legends, Destiny, Evolve and GTAV. I also play most of Blizzards games but do not currently have an active WoW sub.

Feel free to add me on PSN my user name is Sarathil. I look forward to meeting you all and seeing what this community is really about!


Hey @Sarathil welcome to Strats! We are ramping up our destiny clan to prepare for HoW on the 19th so you picked a good time to check us out. @Dynamible is our destiny clanmaster and he should chime in here when he wakes up :smile:
anyhow…if you need anything please feel free to ask!


Welcome aboard! If you haven’t tried Blizzards Heroes of the Storm, you might like that as well and we’ve started getting more here playing it.


Make sure to check out the PS4 friends list on here as well (mine is the same name as on here)! I’ll be on when I can be although I have a temporary +7 hour time difference to eastern time.

I also play quite a few blizzard games as well and you’ll find all our usernames throughout the threads on here pertaining to which game you’re looking for.



Hi Sarathil welcome to Strats! You’ll fine quite a lot of people getting geared up for the new House of Wolves and people wanting to get back into the game after a break. Keep those eyes peeled!


Hey Sarathil! Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:


Welcome to Strats! Add me on PS4, I’m Dynamible there too. I’m getting stoked for HOW!


Welcome to the Dark side brother!


Hey hey,
Welcome aboard!


Welcome to the family @Sarathil




Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I’m very excited to have what seems to be an awesome group of like minded people to play with. I’ll be adding you all to the respective plat forms within the next day or two.

@ghosthog & @DanceBurgerDance started playing HOTS a few months ago and am on and off it quite a bit. Id say in the MOBA world I play 70% LOL and 30% HOTS never really got into DOTA 2. I also like to play Diablo 3 a lot. My battlenet ID is Sarathil#1126

@Dynamible I’ll be getting in touch with you either today or tomorrow. I’m extremely excited for HOW too. It seems like the are addressing my main complaints from the Dark Bellow and I hope Destiny is finally turning the corner to take it from a great game and turning it into a true Classic/must play of the times. I always felt like the crucible was the strongest point of the game but the new Horde Mode PVE concept sounds like it will be a blast.


Hey mate, welcome to the party; let us know if you run into any issues or need anything :wink:


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