Hello, all! SDK


SDK here. Name came from the classic movie with PN. I just joined the forums, and I wanted to introduce myself. Early 30s, PS4 player and PC player. Mostly prefer RPGs and FPS. Just purchased Terraria, hoping to find a good group to join (considering I’m many years late to the party). Also will be purchasing Destiny 2 in the near future. Looking forward to gaming with you all.


Hey SDK, welcome! Your name will be confusing when me and @tommy2118 are talking heh


Hey mate, welcome to the party! I see you already found @Wheatception’s Terraria server, and you are far from alone in people that are excited to get some Destiny 2 on; let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome aboard!


Hey hey hey, welcome aboard :wink:


Welcome to the party we call Strats! Feel free to grab a :beer:!


Welcome to Strats!! Looking forward to playing some Destiny 2 with you!! :slight_smile: :strats_green:


Welcome @sundancekid! Glad to have you around.


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