Hello All The Way From The U.K!

Hello !

My Name is Dan, I live in Manchester, England. I’m a long time gamer/first time blogger.

I have only just joined the Strat’s community and wanted to introduce myself. I have joined here looking for people to enjoy online gaming with whether that be on the PS4 or PC. I’m a fan of many types of game’s, but at the moment I I’m mainly playing GTA V and Destiny. And I’m looking to join “Strats and Crew” if possible.

Think that’s about it…

Look Forward to meeting you all.


Welcome! Funny, I’m in London on business right now.

Thanks, Ahh pretty cool! Hope you’re enjoying your stay.

Yeah I enjoy it here although it’s pretty cold right now.

Welcome to the Dark side brother.

Welcome! Be sure to check out the Destiny clan intro and join up and add me on PSN, I’m Dynamible.

Thanks everyone, Will do @Dynamible I’ll have to do some grinding first, not a very high level at the moment

No biggie. Someone is always around to help.

Welcome! c: would be glad to accompany you on GTA V and cause some mischief my Psn is screamowaffles

Weclocme aboard.

Welcome! Do you cheer for a certain football team? Since you are from Manchester I’m guessing you are a ManU fan… I could be wrong. I always try to wake up Saturday early to try to catch one of the games.

Greetings! I hope you enjoy your time here at the Strats forum. :smile:

Welcome I hope you have a great time with us.

Happy you found your way here!

Thank You for all the warm welcomes!..

@Huntersknoll I actually support Manchester City, so massive rivalry with Manchester Utd. I suggest you watch the proper team in Manchester :wink:

I’m quite into Basketball aswell - Don’t really have a team as of yet but I really like James Harden/Anthony Davis/ Russell Westbrook but my favourite player at the moment is Steph Curry.

Hi Dan welcome to Strats! Big fan of American Basketball you say? What drew you to Basketball of all sports? :stuck_out_tongue: Not that there is anything wrong with that one bit.

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